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Friday, October 31, 2008

Presidential Election Is Not A Done Deal

I am out of state visiting with my sister and trying very hard not to be consumed with the political intensity. I pulled the lever this week after standing in line for two hours and I must say, it is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Every election I am overwhelmed with the reality of this and the feeling I get at the moments I am exercising this precious freedom.

Today's newsletter from Gary Bauer was an encouraging report I thought I'd share:

Public Opinion Strategies is a polling firm doing private polls for Senator John McCain’s campaign. In recent days, their polling shows a dramatic narrowing of the gap between Senator McCain and Barack Obama. I have permission to share some of the details with you. The bottom line is simply this – the race is too close to call. Don’t believe Big Media and the Obama operatives who are trying to discourage you and, by doing so, suppress the conservative vote.

In the past seven days, Senator McCain has made up significant ground against his rival. The gains have come among rural voters (men and women), men who are not college graduates, right to life voters and “soft” Democrats. Working class women in households making less than $60,000 a year are moving in McCain’s direction. (Thank you, Joe the Plumber!) In addition, 14% of the public is still “in play.” Seven percent describe themselves as “undecided” and seven percent have a “soft” attachment to their candidate. These last 72 hours will determine the outcome.

If you need more evidence, guess where Senator Obama is today? Iowa – the very state that launched his campaign with a dramatic caucus victory! For weeks, every poll has shown Iowa to be a lost cause for McCain. Bush barely carried it in 2004. But McCain’s internal polling has indicated it is close. If Obama has gone back there for a rally, then his polling must show that it is up for grabs too!

So in these final three days before Election Day, don’t give in to the constant Obama propaganda. Each of you must try to find one voter you can switch. Talk to a son or daughter who have bought into Obamamania. Talk to a wavering neighbor.

The other day I heard from a small businessman who called his six employees together and shared with them the consequences of Senator Obama’s tax policies: If Obama implements his promised tax hikes, two of them would have to go for the business to remain profitable. Of course, he told them they were free to vote for whomever they choose, but he wanted to make sure they understood the possible consequences.

Let me leave you with this last example. Yesterday, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin both campaigned in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, another key battleground state. According to Salon.com, not exactly a rightwing rag, Biden drew a crowd of 400 to the college campus gymnasium. Sarah Palin drew a crowd of “13,000 people to an outdoor baseball stadium in the near-freezing cold.”

We can win this, my friends!

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pilgrim said...

i thought you were going for the absentee ballot! i did, and it was so much easier than having to wait in a line, like you & MJM did. hubby went early on Thursday when the pols opened, and did not have to wait at all. but this has been the year of more early voting than ever before, and more ballots by mail already received than in any previous election. the Dems are sending their heavy swingers into Florida for possible shifting of the undecided, so they are still concerned about carrying the state that once again could influence the outcome of the final numbers.

good post from Bauer - we should stay optimistic until there is no doubt left - that is until after the final announcement of who will be our next president! hopefully, the 'silent majority' has not yet had the final word!

glad you are taking a break from the furor. you have done what you could to keep the truth going forth - may the truth prevail! thanks for your contributions and to N.T. also.