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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Conservatives Must Vote for McCain/Palin

We have made a strong case about why no one should vote for Barrack Obama. Meems has laid out the case as to why we should not be discouraged by the polls and the media attempting to dampen the spirits of conservative voters. I would like to make the case for why we must vote for McCain/Palin.

I have heard talk from conservatives (local friends and national talk show hosts) considering their options in this election and trying to decide between voting for McCain, voting third party, or sitting out. I believe the only choice for conservatives and all Republicans is voting for McCain.

I consider myself a conservative first, both fiscally and socially. My ideology most aligns with the principles of the Republican party and therefore I mostly vote Rep. When the Rep's get it right, and adhere to the conservative ideals that made the party, it is an easy choice for me. However, I understand that many conservatives feel disenfranchised by the party. We blew it when we took control of congress and got away from some of the ideals that got us there. President Bush has unfortunately done too much spending while in office and has not reduced the size of government the way I would have liked. However, he is not evil, as Hollywood and the MSM would have us believe. He has done a lot of good, but this isn't about him. It is about the direction this country is about to take and the implications it has for us all.

First I believe sitting out is not an option. I believe we have a duty to vote as Americans and everyone should excercise that right. Sitting on the sidelines will simply help Barrack Obama. He wants conservatives sitting on the sideline. I will always excercise my right to vote, granted to me by the blood of patriots.

Second I don't think Nov 4. is the time to voice our displeasure with the party by voting third party. Again this is exactly what the Dems want us to do. So that they can take control of the congress and the White House, and implement their plan of socialism on the American people whether we like it or not. The time for voicing displeasure is during the years leading up to these very important elections and during the primary process by supporting and voting for those candidates which most align with our conservative ideals. If you don't like the direction the Rep party is taking then get involved, voice your opinion and support and encourage candidates that are true conservatives.

Third John McCain does represent our ideals, and he will listen to the people. He has a track record of not doing what is politically expediant and putting the country first. He understands that lower taxes, cutting earmarks, and reducing the size of government is the way out of this economic crisis. He understands that the fundamental principles which have made us the most prosperous nation on earth still work and will work. He believes in the American people not the government to get this turned around. He has shown us that he cares about the most conservative among us by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, awoman who exemplifies everything that we hold dear as conservatives. John McCain understands that we are fighting a real and evil enemy and that we must take the fight to them, but he also understands the importance of the lives of our soldiers and what it means to be put in harms way. In a time like this we need a man who will not be swayed simply by party ideology, but will put the people and the country first.

Lastly and as important as any reason for voting for John McCain is that the next POTUS could very likely nominate 2 to 3 SCOTUS justices. McCain adheres to the belief that any judge to be nominated for the highest court in the land must adhere strictly to the Constitution of the United States. Dear readers this is vitally imporant. The direction and face of the court could be radically changed by the next president. The court decides on cases that determine whether laws are Constitutional or not. Our rights as Americans, our freedoms are at stake here. From censorship of conservative talk radio, to abortion, to the 2nd Amendment, to many more. Obama did not vote for and tried to fillibuster the nominations of Alito and Roberts, two highly qualified justices because of his ideology. He put his ideology of socialism above the qualifications of the judges. If he has his way the court will be altered severely to the left with judges that do not adhere to our Constitution, but that agree with Obama's ideology that the Constitution is flawed. If we allow this to happen we will reap the consequences of a radically different America.

So go to the polls and do your duty to vote as an American. Honor the brave men and women who have spilled their blood in defense of freedom, and vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Let our voices be heard that we are still a nation that believes in the founding principles of this nation, and that we still hold dear the sacred document that has enabled us to be the greatest nation in the history of the world. Then after Obama is defeated and we have our man in the White House stay involved and continue to let your voice be heard. Let the party know we want them to live up to the ideals that made it what it is.


marmee said...
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marmee said...

here , here! everyone has a duty to vote. everything you said was well said.

pilgrim said...

thank you, N.T. yes, let's do it! let's let the opposing candidate, all America and all the world know that we Americans still uphold our intact constitution that our founding fathers crafted to establish and promote and secure our country on a solid foundation and to build upon for all our future generations. it is a sober obligation on our part to not denigrate our rights and privileges that we have enjoyed as U.S. citizens for over 200 years by either ignoring to vote or voting for a party who would chip away at that sacred document as 'for the good of the country' they bring about "change". those "changes" we do not need, nor can we afford to allow be made. i believe there are still enough back-boned, thoughtful, informed, prayerful Americans across our land from sea to shining sea to change the tide of the polls, and bring into the presidency the right change needed at this crucial time in our history. vote 11/4 and vote McCain/Palin into Washington - into the White House and into the best years ahead for the U.S.A.