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Monday, March 24, 2008

'Knowing' and 'Doing' Are Two Different Things

It's not enough to know what the Bible says. We can know it all day long and it still not affect our life. We must get to the place of actually doing God's Word. And there's the rub.

As difficult as knowing might be, it ain't nearly as hard as doing. Can I get an 'amen'? But it's only when we allow what we believe to actually govern what we think, say, and do that we will see God's Word rearrange our life for the better.

If you're anything like me, this gets even harder. Not only is it a daily challenge to allow what I believe to govern what I think, say, and do, but it's an even bigger challenge to not get into a "me-mindset" that has ME struggling in my own strength to do God's Word.

Yes, we're supposed to "do" the Word. But in all our doing, it can't be US that labors and strives and works. Otherwise, we labor in vain, which means our work will do little more than wear us out (can I get another 'amen'?). Instead, we must hook up with Jesus who leads us beside still waters and restores our soul, allowing the Holy Spirit to work both in us and through us.

In my experience, there's a telltale sign as to whether I'm the one doing the work or the Holy Spirit is working through me. Am I at rest? Or am I stressed out? Stressed out = me trying to be something I was not created to be, trying to carry a load I wasn't made to carry. At rest = me leaning my entire personality and life onto the Lord, trusting that He will take care of me.

Don't just hear the Word; DO the Word.
Don't just believe the Bible; let the Bible govern our life.
But in all our "doing," let it be the grace of God working in us.
Our way leads to weariness. God's way leads to rest.


Jane said...

A great post and a great reminder!

It seems very difficult to put everything in practice. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I have had several opportunities lately where I have had to make a choice...react in my flesh (you know, that gut reaction that comes so naturally, but isn't necessarily glorifying to God) or take what God has been teaching me and put it into practice. I would love to report that I am always putting everything into practice, but that just isn't true. I will say that I am getting better.

You brought up an interesting point in that in 'doing the Word' we can have a wrong motivation and labor in vain. At least that is how I see it...it goes back to motivation. Why are we doing? If my motives are selfish then it is me doing the work. When my motives are God centered then it is Him working through and in me. I can do a lot in my own self, but it doesn't even begin to compare to what I can do when I am working within the power of God. It a completely different power source.

Oh, and I really like your "telltale sign"...I'll have to keep that in mind from now on!

Thanks again!

Meems said...

MLM: You said, "But it's only when we allow what we believe to actually govern what we think, say, and do that we will see God's Word rearrange our life for the better.

The words WHAT WE BELIEVE... especially stand out to me in this sentence. I'm thinking it's easy to say we believe something and then when we find ourselves not being governed by what we know to be the word of God we say it's hard to "do it".

We can have knowledge of what the Bible says which is not the same as believing. Head knowledge and faith (or believing) are not the same thing.

Could it be we really are doing what we believe?

Is it possible that our doing is a more accurate reflection of what we really believe?

I question this in my own life. The things that are "hard" for me to "do" make me wonder - have I allowed a belief stronger than what I know to be true in the Bible to override that truth? For example- If I have a difficult relationship to work with- am I believing the hopelessness or disappointment (or whatever the down-fall might be) of the relationship over what I know the Bible says about God's love never failing?

Anyway, you've got me thinking. Maybe my lack of doing is more of a believing problem than I've been willing to admit to myself.

MLM said...

Jane and Meems...very good comments and both have made me think...first, my motivation...second, is that which governs me what I in fact DO believe??

Thanks for the deep thoughts!

Nathan Talbot said...

This one is good. First Amen and Amen for MLM.

Great post on the difference of knowing and doing. I especially like the part about not getting a "me-mindset" and leaning on my own strength to do the Word that I believe. That is certainly a struggle for me.

Meems brought up a great point as well. I think that she hit on something profound. If I am not letting the truth of God's Word govern my thoughts and actions in a certain situation have I let another belief override that truth. I am thinking the answer is yes.

Very good stuff.