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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Welcome Respite

After a few hard months of getting my business up and running, and paying close attention to this very important election I took a few days off and headed for Kansas. I left my work and the computer behind and carried a duffle of clothes and one of my favorite scatterguns. Thoughts of fine gun dogs on point and birds flushing into the Kansas wind had me filled with anticipation. I was not let down and it was a welcome change of pace if only for a few days. The weather was beautiful, with crisp mornings in the 40's and sunny skies illuminating the miles of farmland, hilly terrain, and planted milo where our quarry sought refuge from the peristant dogs.

The real joy of hunting for me is experiencing beautiful countryside and taking in God's wonderful creation. Having never been to Kansas this was a real treat for me. The birds cooperated and we had some very successful hunts. All told our group of seven killed over a 100 birds. The dogs worked tirelessly and the shooting was true more often than not. When it wasn't some light ribbing ensued to let the shooter know it didn't go unnnoticed, but it was all in fun, and the good shots were congratulated with hearty admiration.

Politics was actually enjoyable in the presence of like minded inviduals mulling the consequences of an Obama presidency around the camp fire at night, without the constant barrage of MSM telling us how great he is. I haven't even caught up on the "latest news" since getting back. I suspect it is much of the same. Now is the time to vote and see who America chooses.

I will let some pictures tell the rest of the story of our hunt.

Walking the Milo, anticipating a flushing bird...

My brother Mike, heading into the field...

My brother and I holding some birds after a successful walk...

The view behind the the lodge

The lodge...

Sunset in "McCain country"...


pilgrim said...

Hey, nice shots (pun intended)! what a great get away for the two bros! isn't Fall one of the great seasons of the year? so glad you could have a little retreat for fun, fireside chats, freedom to do what you choose without any interference - isn't America the greatest land there is? let's all vote to keep her that way - no radical changes needed - we just need to preserve what we already have by defending our constitution and our hard won liberties! and thanks for sharing your story, N. T.

Arissa Mae said...

Beautiful story---I felt like I was there! The words were lovely, as were the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us, and I'm glad for you guys (if not a little jealous) and your welcome respite.

Meems said...

Beautiful McCain country! (I sure hope that was prophetic for the outcome tomorrow :-). Even the post is a welcome respite in the midst of all the political mumbo-jumbo going on these last weeks.

It was perfect weather wasn't it? The photos really capture the peaceful respite it must have been after some longs months of intensity for you. Congrats to your brother, too, on so many levels last week!

It was a nice feeling knowing the two of you were together enjoying mutual interests while I was spending days with my own sister enjoying our interests together.

So happy you both had a great time and a successful hunt.