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Friday, September 5, 2008

Country First

It’s no secret the media at large hates, and I do mean vehemently hates, President George Bush. Even though he hasn’t made every decision exactly like I wish he would have, I still support him and believe he loves America. The love of America alone is not qualification for being President but it surely should be one obvious quality; don’t you think?

With that said I’d like to tell you something I’ve learned from him that have really helped my resolve during the last two (and this present one) presidential elections.

Mind you, I’m not quoting him. This is just the way words he has said over and over have resonated in my hearing.

The American people are smarter than the Democrats (or the media) give them credit for being. President Bush constantly says he has faith in the American people. They will do their homework and then they will exercise their American right to vote.

In 2000 when I had nightmares about the possibility of Al Gore being the President… I just kept going back to those words… faith in the American people. In 2004 when John Kerry, an even worse possibility than the four years prior, appeared to be winning the hearts of all good Americans (that is if you listened to mainstream media) and looked at the polls, it was again extremely discouraging to imagine the path our country could be headed down with him as President. I just kept going back to those words … faith in the American people.

So for 2008 when my heart wants to faint for the thought of a person like Barrack Obama taking the helm of the greatest country on the face of the earth, I’m pulling up those words to remind me to have faith in the American people to make the RIGHT choice for the McCain/Palin ticket. Not a perfect choice but nonetheless the ONLY choice.

Personally, I think most Americans are smart enough that they have that gut-feeling that Obama is not the man he appears to be whether they know the facts or not. It’s been very difficult to obtain the real facts since the mainstream media has given him a pass for all his past associations and (non)record. But if you dig a little (click here for a jaw dropping article about Obama's activities) even a few facts about his record should give the average American that gnawing feeling on the inside that he just isn’t the sort of character a great country like ours deserves as its Commander in Chief.

I leave you with the final words from John McCain’s speech last night as he accepted the Republican nomination for President.

“Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight for what’s right for our country. Fight for the ideals and character of a free people. Fight for our children’s future. …Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight. Nothing is inevitable here. We’re Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history.”


marmee said...

i love your frankness. it is refreshing.
faith is the one thing we have to hang onto for this election.
read the (click here) article.
this is very disturbing!
thx for sharing the good info.
i love AMERICA and believe the american people will do what is right.
i especially loved one of many of the things sara palin said in her speech.

"in politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers.

And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change."

serious/silly/me said...

well said. i like marmee's quote from Palin too...

more to say...later.

serious/silly/me said...

Okay...my thoughts after the conventions are many. Here's the main one:

I don't think the conventions did much good in the way of swaying already-decided voters. And with the media as devoutly-Obama as they are, I don't see how UNdecided voters have a fair chance of hearing the facts.

How about the fact that Obama agreed to debate McCain "anytime, anywhere" and then refused to have 10 townhall meetings.

How about the fact that Obama agreed to limit his campaign financing and then didn't.

How about the fact that Obama has friends in very low places. People who hate us.

How about the fact that Obama promised that the first people to hear his VP choice would be those who gave him their cell phone numbers...and then when his news leaked otherwise, he scrambled to text them at 3 AM!

How about the fact that nearly 130 times, Obama voted "present" rather than actually taking a position one way or another and saying "yes" or "no"?

How about the fact that for most of his tenure in the Senate, Obama's been campaigning for president?

How about the fact that a good speaker does not a good president make?

Shouldn't these facts be important?

Then there's the whole doubl-standard that the media and the Dems apply to women and our "choice." Choice about having sex. Choice about condoms. Choice about having kids. Choice about where to work and when. And then there's the double-standard regarding candidate's children being offlimits. I don't know Obama's kids' names. But I know WAY more than I want to know about each of Palin's kids.

BUT, the biggest problem I see is this: NOTHING McCain or Palin said at the convention will resound with the majority of Democrats. Why? Because their foundation is different.

It doesn't matter what Palin says about pro-life. The Left are pro-abortion and will fight to the death for the right to "choose."

It doesn't matter what McCain says about his (right) judgement about the troop surge. The Left believe it's an unjust war and Obama will bring the troops home humiliated regardless.

It doesn't matter what is said about "change isn't a destination" (which was classic), Obama has one message and it's echoing among this generation like nothing else. No one has asked Obama to explain what he means or how he plans to achieve it. They all just get weak in the knees when he mentions the the word change. Change isn't inherantly good, people, but when the Emperor speaks with honeyed tongue, it matters not that his "new" clothes are no clothes at all.

Lastly, it matters not that we rally around "country first." All that POW talk and serving one's country will no doubt make Obama and his cronies sick. They don't WANT America first. They are ashamed of America. They don't WANT to be Americans first. They want to be citizens of the world. They are not patriots but internationalists, and they detest our fervor for our country.

IMO, I think we are headed for a civil war. There is too great a fundamental difference between the two sides that reside here in our nation. We can no longer say, "We're all Americans," because one side holds great disdain for nationalism.

Many a statesman has predicted our demise given the victory of our enemies without OR our enemies within. The scary thing is when our enemies withing join ranks with our enemies without.

I pray that McCain wins. His experience in Vietnam makes me proud to be an American and grateful for his service to our country. I don't know Palin much, except that she has more executive experience than all 3 candidates put together. And I know that given her values (which btw won't sway Hillary voters, since they are voting for Hillary for reasons other than her gender---take a look at Oprah and see the great divide between culture and gender. Apparently, she refuses to have Palin on her show. And we know she went gaga for Obama over Hillary). Given Palin's values, I'd rather have her be one heartbeat from the presidency than have Obama fully healthy and in charge. Yes, I said it.

Meems said...

marmee: who me? frank?

It seems to me that once Sarah Palin came on the scene and gave the conservative base something to sink their teeth into they have bitten into the bait hard... and they are running with her and McCain finally! I have heard so much the last few days on talk radio mostly from so many happy people who feel they can now whole heartily back the Republican ticket. It is definitely encouraging.

I like that comment too along with so many other really great points she made Wednesday night.

s/s/m: Thanks for coming back with more of your thoughts. Great information on the facts too... and yes, they are important to folks like us who have convictions about these sorts of misdeeds and misconstrued ideology.

I never really expected that the staunch Obama supporters would change their minds. I never even really expected them to tune in to the Republican convention and watch the speeches. My hope is that those folks who were sitting on the fence between the two candidates would keep doing their homework and keep listening to both sides and be able to make clear comparisons. And secondly I know there are those out there who don't fully support McCain and were actually talking of not voting at all because neither candidate fit their profile of choice. In my opinion that is the worst thing they can do. There are two men running. It is what it is. Not voting at all is a vote for the wrong guy. Every vote counts. Every registered voter needs to vote. We choose the closest candidate that fits the majority of our convictions and core values.

I disagree that it matters not that we rally around country first. I think we do rally around it for all it's worth. If for no other reason than it's right to do because it reinforces our own beliefs!

I hope the talk of POW's does make the Obama camp sick. They aren't going to change their stand by any amount of talk from our side. Just like I'm not going to change my stand from any amount of talk from their side. But I'm going to keep talking and I'm going to keep rallying for all it is worth. Eventually I think the Obama group will show themselves for what they really are. They are already faltering a bit with some of their response to Sarah Palin.

Civil war? Texas might start that one. They are a republic and seem to understand God and country. We've only got 60 days left... let's all rally around the excitement and pray faithfully for the outcome of this election. Pray for the McCain and Palin families.

mjm said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments, but had basically decided not to comment myself, until I read "Civil war? Texas might start that one." At first I thought "HEY!!!" and then I just laughed. Meems, Texas is "a republic and seem to understand God and country." It's one of the things that I love about growing up there. I am the first to admit that Texas pride can be quite obnoxious, but being raised to value both God and country is so important.

However, I don't think Texas would start the civil war. They would just try to secede from the union and become their own country! :)

Hmmm...maybe I should go buy my plane ticket for Christmas before it becomes an international flight!

Pat said...

You Go Girl!!! Well said!
I could not be more excited about the opportunity that our Nation has with these two candidates. I watched both speeches all alone in my family room last week, jumping and pumping fist into the air.
I am just a little excited!!
What can we do to help promote the vote??

Meems said...

mjm: I don't my Texas history real well... haven't they been down that being their own country before? Sometimes I think they still think they ARE their own country.

Seriously, though, Americans do need to get mad about keeping the rights our forefathers fought so hard to gain. The other side seems bent on redefining everything. AND there's a ginormous MEDIA MACHINE behind him that must want that too.

My belief: they ALL underestimate the average American because they are the ones who out of touch with ordinary good folks. I have to believe that even though the Obama Nation doesn't care about "country first" that the majority of average American does! At least that's what I'm counting on in November. That a LOT of prayer.

Pat: It was exciting to actually not want a speech to end ... I can't think of when I've EVER thought that.

I've e-mailed the McCain campaign volunteer respresentative in Hillsborough County to find out what I can do to help. Will let you know when I find out if you want to get it on it too.

pilgrim said...

Meems - I had the same thought to volunteer in Pasco Cty with the McCain/Palin campaign effort. it is one thing I know to do to support the M/P final voter outreach. will check up on that when we return from our mountain excursion!

Meems said...

Pilgrim: Good idea.I still haven't heard from the person I e-mailed... I might try a different route to get in touch.

Nathan Talbot said...

Hillsborough Victory Office
800 Lumsden Boulevard
Brandon, FL 33510

Hillsborough Victory Office
6904 West Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL 33625

Hillsborough Victory Office
142 West Platt Street
Tampa, FL 33606

Pasco Victory Office
7414 State Road 52
Hudson, FL 34667

Pasco Victory Office
23900 SR 54, #102
Lutz, FL 33559

Pasco Victory Office
5509 Grand Blvd
New Port Richey, FL 34652

pilgrim said...

thank you so much, N.T. so very helpful of you! will follow up on that first thing next week!