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Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Woman, One Wife, One Mom, One Daughter

There is no question Sarah Palin took the stage last night at the Republican convention by storm. The energy, the electricity, the excitement could be felt sitting on our couches in our homes all across America watching the television screen. It could be felt because she made us feel she was talking to each one of us. She let us know and believably so, she IS one of us.

Last week when the announcement was made that Sarah Palin would be McCain’s running mate I made certain I sat down to listen to her acceptance speech. My heart was soaring as I immediately connected with her freshness, her vigor, the story of her rise to the governorship by simple means of following a passion to make a difference in her world. As I sat and listened to her speak my initial gut response was… “THIS is a good day for America.”

Little did anyone know or could we possibly imagine what would ensue in the following days from the ‘religion of liberalism’ that runs the media elite in this great country. The ludicrous and abusive reporting on Sarah Palin and her family has been no less than outright disgusting. It has been sexist, judgmental, unfounded, biased, and hypocritical.

Here’s what flies in the face of all their high and mighty talk of “choice” and “feminism”:

  • The national women’s groups and Planned Parenthood (who all endorse Obama) claim that every woman is just as capable as any man for any job. Yet they have the audacity to question whether Sarah Palin will be able to care for her children properly if she is the V.P. And why is it that the national feminist groups go to the rescue of every woman who is treated poorly (ie Hillary Clinton) by the media unless that woman is pro-life? If a woman is pro-life and abused by the press, those same feminist women who preach ‘choice’ become attack dogs to destroy one of their own gender simply because her ‘choice’ is not the same as theirs.
  • They profess that every woman should have a choice concerning her own body and the right to decide (without guilt) whether to carry a baby to term. Yet when Sarah Palin makes the CHOICE to carry her Down Syndrome baby and, God forbid, not abort him because he will have special needs, they commentate on her prenatal care and bring into question her decision to get on a plane when she was in labor. As if any of it is any of their business. AND as if any of it has anything to do with her qualifications to be the VP on the Republican ticket.
  • The fact that her 17 year old daughter has been scrutinized over her unintended pregnancy is unthinkable. Leave the children alone! It is clear that the liberal feminist and liberal media elite can’t bear to swallow the fact that a woman can be a pro-life conservative, love her country and want to serve it without pandering to them, can make a stand for the core values this country was founded on, believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, can handle a gun, and is apparently a decent athlete AND be successful at home and in the workplace.

They are choking on their own rhetoric!

As a fifties-something woman, I just have to say, I am inspired and motivated by Sarah Palin. It takes a bit of work to inspire me I might add. The fact that she doesn’t believe in big government, that she came up through the ranks out of middle America, that she stands up to corruption, that she has a record of reform, that she gave one of THE BEST speeches I’ve ever heard a person running for office give… all of it… inspires me. I couldn’t help but think of the great role model she is to young women who have a heart to something greater than themselves. She is one of those ordinary Americans who has done the extra-ordinary.

She gives me hope that all is not lost in this election. That America is bigger and better than the loud mouth media and the voices they tout so noisily. She reminding me of the Reagan days when America rallied together to remember where we’ve come from and the freedom our founding fathers and so many since have fought to keep. She stirs the hope in me that each person no matter who you are or where you’ve come from can make a difference in our world.

She made me think that there’s more I can do. She made me remember it only takes one. And she made me believe that what I do WILL count.

Tonight when history is made and the first woman is officially nominated to the Republican ticket for the office of Vice President of the United States of America, it will be a proud moment.

What say you?


serious/silly/me said...

I, too, am one woman, one wife, one mom, one daughter...and I have LOTS to say about your post...later. :o)

mjm said...

Confession, I missed the speech on Wednesday night. Not exactly sure why, but that is besides the point. However, with the wonder of the Internet, I was able to watch it earlier tonight.

Anyway, I completely understand where you are coming from. I have come to realize that there is a side all about "choice" until you make a choice that they don't agree with or like.

The next few months could be very interesting. It really reminds me how much the Palin family needs our prayers.

Meems said...

s/s/m: am I still waiting on this one or did you incorporate in the later post?

mjm: glad you got a chance to watch it online. It is worth seeing a couple of times. We DVR'ed it but ended up getting home from church in time to watch it live.

Oh my, the tolerant left is only tolerant of their agenda... how that is coming to light in a big way as far as the feminists are concerned. N.O.W. needs to change their name... they don't represent women ... they only represent women who think like they think and fit their liberal profile.

Yes pray, pray, pray.