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Friday, September 12, 2008

Images of Tranquility

Getting away from the ordinary hub-bub of everyday life can be a really good way to focus on some things we tend to neglect in the rush and responsiblities of our usual surroundings.

With the idea of celebrating a very special lady's birthday in a way that gives tribute and honor to her beauty and strength of character some of the girls in our family are taking a mini vacation in the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains.

Happy birthday to my mom and all my love and appreciation for always showing me mercy and unconditional love through every one of my "seasons in life"... the good, the bad, and the ugly. But more importantly for the Christian heritage she started in our family when she determined to love the Lord our God with all her heart, mind and strength. Our lineage has been forever altered due to her turn toward our Lord, the Savior of the world.

So we chose a cabin with the name Tranquility. The mere word, tranquility, spoken aloud or heard in our ears conjures up images to each individual as diverse as the ways to acheive it. What comes to your mind on first mention of tranquility?

quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.

1. a disposition free from stress or emotion
2. an untroubled state; free from disturbances
3. a state of peace and quiet

Sitting by this outdoor fireplace in a rocking chair with a cool breeze blowing and God's creation at my fingertips is my current image.

And taking a mountain hike with my camera in hand to help me notice even the minutest details of life forms along the way certainly induces my senses to enjoy some tranquility.
There's just something about being in the center of God's majesty and perfection of which is displayed in nature that calls to the deepest part of my soul.

Sitting alone on the porch this morning with this view before me and my heart and mind wrapped in the love and wonders of God and His glory I couldn't help but reflect on the treasure it is to possess a peace that passes all understanding.

It is peace that can't be bought and can't be obtained by beautiful surroundings. Even though I highly recommend making the world we live in a place that exudes tranquility ... without peace that starts from the inside out, there's really no outward situation that can last long enough or reach far enough to substitute for the peace Jesus said in His own words He gives to us. It is a quiet confidence and assurance that He has us in the palm of His hand and He will never, no never, forsake us.

Do you have some favorite places that help you return to the places in your soul most precious?


Arissa Mae said...

Beautiful post. Photos and words alike. I love the definition of tranquility. And how! My favorite places? I think you're in one of them...and the Lake District in my beloved England.

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures and words you have posted. God is awesome. And what he has created is something to behold. There is something about nature that does make God seem so near. -Rachel

mjm said...

Incredible pictures.

I would have to say the mountains are one of favorite places. Doesn't matter where or which ones. However, the beach is growing on me. Either place...I love a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

Meems said...

arissa: Wish you could have seen it all with us... next time, my dear, next time! And maybe someday I can see your beloved England too.

Rachel: I agree. And the thing is that nature is all around us... sometimes we just don't take the time to notice.

mjm: Thanks... ahhhh... the beach... I love it as well probably more than the mountains. But when I'm here I question that thinking everytime.

marmee said...

who knew the mountains could hold such secrets. love your images of tranquility, forever a byword in our family. God has been good to us on this trip and etched some amazing memories for keepsakes.thank you for everything about this trip!

Meems said...

marmee: God has been at work 1)to get us to this point 2)to make this a lasting memory full of so many levels of girl-fun. It's coming to a close but what we take away from here will not end. Thanks for helping make it happen and more importantly a million thanks for your heart and soul!