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Monday, February 9, 2009

What Happened to "Yes We Can"?

Geez, just on our third week of the new President and already all we hear from him and his cohorts is that America is going down on a sinking ship ... never to recover. Well, that is, if we don't pass his super-duper Porkulus Spending Bill. Fear tactics! Isn't that what he accused Pres. Bush of doing?

Gary Bauer did a comparison of the President and the Pilot on his radio show. I've copied what he wrote about it here:

On the Bauer and Rose Siris-XM radio show this weekend, we ran a montage of quotes from U.S. Airways pilot Captain Chesley “Sulley” Sullenberger about his landing on the Hudson River. Perhaps you watched his interview on 60 Minutes last night. Like millions of Americans, I was struck by his remarkably calm demeanor as he told the air traffic controllers at Laguardia Airport that he was going to land his Airbus A320 on the Hudson River.

Now compare Sulley’s calm, cool and collected manner to the demeanor of our president as he tries to sell us his trillion-dollar pork bill. In recent weeks, President Obama has declared that the economy “is getting worse, not better.” He warned that by not passing his spending bill we “will turn a crisis into a catastrophe,” from which we may never recover.

And it seems that every elected Democrat has suddenly turned into a prophet of doom, joining Obama in a chorus of despair. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the economy “is dark, darker, darkest.” Another senior Democrat warned that the economy was “in mortal danger of absolute collapse.” One senator declared that without the so-called stimulus bill, “it’s Armageddon.”

When did “Yes we can” suddenly become “The end is near”? The contrast between the pilot’s calm leadership and the president’s “Chicken Little” panic is striking. But that’s what experience does for you. Captain Sullenberger’s Air Force training and decades of flight experience obviously served him well. His flight skills and leadership were remarkable, and he performed brilliantly under tremendous stress and pressure.

Just three weeks into the job, and the former community organizer turned commander-in-chief looks like he’s on the verge of cracking up. I suspect a lot of voters may be looking for a refund. They bought into the hype about “hope,” and so far all we’ve gotten is a lot of fear-mongering and scare tactics."

I for one would be so much more confident if I was hearing Yes We Can come out of this recession without the government mortgaging my family's future away.
Also, here's an article summarizing how health care will be effected by the so-called stimulus plan. You 'll want to read this one.

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jena said...

It is going to be a loooooong four years!

You might be interested in a new blog I found. I think he should be encouraged to continue.

God bless!