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Friday, February 6, 2009

It's MY money, I Want to Choose How to Spend It

B.O. got a good public chuckle last night on national TV as he chided all the opposers of his "spending bill". Among many of his mockingly scolding remarks, including the sure demise of our country if we don't pass his NON-stimulus bill, he laughed AT (so did his audience) opposers who call his bill a "spending bill" as he arrogantly reminded us "that is the point, we need to spend money to stimulate the economy." (I'm not quoting exactly and don't have time to look it up ... but it's close... and equally as infuriating.)


Not true!

In a FREE country, the PEOPLE CHOOSE how to spend THEIR money. We don't send our money to the GOVERNMENT and LET THEM CHOOSE!

Let me keep more of my money and I WILL stimulate the economy.

Oh, he also scolded people for listening to cable-chatter. He isn't talking about those folks who have given him a pass on every single blunder and background check. No, he is talking about the conservative talk shows and those who aren't licking his boots.

He peddled his economic advisors as THE BEST in the world. And put the burden on the Senate to listen to these so-called experts. Ahem... there are plenty of world's best economic advisors HE ISN'T LISTENING TO THAT COMPLETELY OPPOSE HIS PACKAGE!

Oh, and BTW his newest economic advisor is the Chairman of GE. The largest lobbying group in the world.

We all better be listening to what B.O. is REALLY saying!

$937,000,000,000 is the latest figure, folks.

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