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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Because Of His Rhetorical Abilities???

Brace yourselves. We will be inundated by the MSM ad nauseam glorifying the recent endorsement for Obama by liberal (party betrayer) Colin Powell. Well, all I have to say is, "so what's new?" If this surprises you, then you haven't been paying attention to Powell's political speak all along.

I'm sure he waited until two weeks before the election on purpose although I'm also certain he's known all along despite his claims to have been "watching these two men for the past seven weeks."

Michelle Malkin has the video of his Meet the Press interview on her site and some really good link backs as well as observations of the coverage of this news.

Personally what bothered me most about what Colin Powell had to say was his final summation at the very end of his blabbering of how he came to this conclusion to vote for Obama.

I transcribed it to share with you in case you didn't get it or don't want to hear his entire interview:
"Because of his ability to inspire, because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rhetorical abilities, and we have to take that into account… as well as his substance … he has both style and substance. Because he has met the standard of being a successful President… being an exceptional President. I think he is a transformational figure; he is a new generation coming onto the world stage… onto the American stage… and for that reason I will be voting for Senator Barack Obama. "

To that explanation I say, huh? We have to take his rhetorical abilities into account? Am I missing something here?

Is it his style and substance (which btw, Mr. Powell, where is the substance of your endorsement?) that meets the standard of being a successful , er no, make that exceptional President? Oh, yeah, transformational figure... ability to inspire (like his Pastor Jeremiah Wright maybe) ... that must be what qualifies him to be President. Really?

The qualifications for being President have been greatly reduced with the nomination of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Keep praying, folks. It isn't over and I still believe the majority of the people of America have not fallen off of the far left cliff. They might not be as conservative as me but for the most part American's LOVE our COUNTRY and don't want to see it take the radical and socialist turns we will see under an Obama Presidency.


Patricia said...

Yep! I wasn't surprised at all. Making this announcement at this stage of the campaign was most certainly a strategic move.

The vast abyss between Obama and McCain makes it very difficult for me to believe that someone as intelligent as Colin Powell only recently decided to endorse Obama.

Will NOT stop praying. For some reason, I just keep remembering David and Goliath.

pilgrim said...

In today's Tampa Tribune there is a column by Christopher Buckley, son of ultra conservative William F. Buckley, endorsing BHO with his support. It is a mish-mash of his personal reasons for/against both candidates, in which he seems to have just jumped on the bandwagon that seems to be heading to Washington, D.C. I think most of these last-minute, blow with the wind voices which have some national prominence, mostly want to be considered an insider, should it come to a BHO victory. They have very little rhetoric of substance or foundational truth in their 'johnny come lately' choice. They just seem to be 'a hoping and a praying' that their political Messiah is on the stage, and all their fantasies about a perfect politician will come true. And the media thinks the general public is stupid enough to be fooled!

pilgrim said...

P.S. - by the way, The Tampa Tribune did give John McCain their endorsement. Let's believe that America's conservative, stable, majority of voters will also step forth with determination & fortitude to 'make a difference' and vote and let our voices be heard loud and clear! Early voting begins tomorrow, or you can request an absentee ballot be sent you to vote in the comfort of your home and return by mail. Whatever it takes for you to register your vote, just get it done. Those who care must rally together and put feet to our prayers! Faith without works is dead! We must endorse our faith by our actions! Make your opinion, desire and heart felt concern for our nation count - V O T E!!!

Meems said...

Patricia, Your thoughts of David and Goliath remind me of all the snarky comments recently referring to small town America. Comments that put down those "little people" who live in them. I'm counting on the little people to bring down the giant!

Pilgrim: Do you know that Christopher Buckley also said something to the effect that he will be disappointed if Obama moves to the left or some such... IF??? Yep... they are all hoping for some position or spot in this historical election. It would be so good when they are eating their words. I listened to some clips today where Powell was enforcing the need to go to Iraq... saying Hussein definitely has WMD's... anyway, the blindness and the pass for Obama/Biden by the very journalist who should be blowing these whistles just goes on and on.
Good for the TT... they are generally liberal so I'm kind of surprised.

We will be early voting this week... I did order the absentee forms since it is what I prefer...hubby doesn't trust absentee voting...wants to see his vote on that machine. Thanks for weighing in!

pilgrim said...

today's online poll shows McCain at 49%, BHO at 48%. i don't know if this is just locally or nationally, but it was on Verizon. we all realize close polls don't tell the final story, but this is encouraging anway. if we continue to pray, campaign, AND VOTE, we can WIN this crucial election!!! keep the faith and expect the victory!

Nathan Talbot said...
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deepwaterdraw said...

You really think praying for McCain will help him? ...as if God prefers McCain over Obama.

Arissa Mae said...

We should not ever pray that God be on our side, but that we be on God's side. When it comes to elections, I feel we should pray for several things: 1) For the truth to be revealed...and that DOES take a miracle since politics is known for deception and misrepresentation. 2) For wisdom to know the truth, to understand it, and to communicate it to others. 3) The courage to vote according to the Bible and not according to our pet policy.

Of course, if you're not a Christian, praying and voting according to the Bible aren't really important. In that case, those who ARE Christians need to pray all the more. :o)

deepwaterdraw said...

So since, "those who ARE Christians need to pray all the more", it stands to reason that you think praying will help sway Gods graces to McCain?

Doesn't that contradict, "We should not ever pray that God be on our side, but that we be on God's side."?

Meems said...

You stated, "You really think praying for McCain will help him? ...as if God prefers McCain over Obama."

I think praying for anyone will help them. And, yes, I think God prefers one candidate over the other.