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Saturday, October 18, 2008

And the Lies Continue

Well, there's junk mail and then there's junk mail! We received this postcard in the mail today --- hand-addressed to my husband. He is what we affectionately call a senior citizen. One of the things that means to us is that he has worked hard all of his life and paid heap loads of taxes.

As a matter of fact, I remember the year we didn't have enough money to pay our taxes when April 15 came around. You know what we had to do? We had to get a loan. We actually put a second mortgage on our home. We had three young children. I was a stay at home mom because we thought that was the best thing for our family. Those were some lean years.The thought never crossed our minds to go to the government for help. We never even thought the answer was to withhold our taxes. So we did what we had to do to pay them.

Subsequently, it took lots of determination to pay off that high interest mortgage back in the days of higher interest rates left over from the Jimmy Carter era. But you know what? We never once thought it was our "right" to own our home. We grew up being taught that it was a privilege ---something to obtain as we could afford it.

Isn't it just infuriating to think of how the far left wants to socialize our country? In doing so it takes away those privileges by nationalizing everything and making even owning a home practically a welfare program.

In case you can't read the scribbly writing from ---I can only guess --- an "Obama supporter" (because we have no idea who sent this card) that must be 90 years old to write like that ---it says:
Dear (hubby's first name),
He opposes Privatizing Social Security and
Will Elimate (yes, he misspelled it) Income
Taxes For Senior's
Making Less Than
$50,000 a Year
D H Stevens

So now with less than 3 weeks left before the election, Obama is scaring the senior citizens with his talking points of how McCain wants to take away medicare and He will eliminate taxes. We're suppose to believe the king of taxes wants to eliminate them for seniors. Pleeeeez.

When will it all end and just how many lies can you tell and get by with it?


pilgrim said...

Desperate people do desperate things! BHO is also engaging the younger, college-age voters (who mostly get their political opinions and conclusions from the SNL, Stewart & other sitcom stalwarts). A vote is a vote is a vote!!! He definitely has political savvy when it comes to reaching the fringes, the undecided and the totally uninformed! He DESPERATELY wants this election victory! I wonder how many of the electorate BHO will be beholden to should he manage to gain this office! Not the fringes or the 'common people' surely! Big money talks and expects big pay backs! And he has some mighty big money coming into his coffers! He is even able to pay a retired senior citizen to hand write post cards!

Nathan Talbot said...

Good point on the money Pilgrim. Let us not forget 200 million of that money is not accounted for. We don't know who supplied it and he is refusing to tell us and the MSM is refusing to ask.

More things that make you go hmmm.