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Monday, April 7, 2008

What would you put on a must read list?

What have you read recently or anytime that is a must read? Why did you like it so much?


meems said...

Okay- good question albeit quite broad.
Sorry to confess --blogging & gardening has taken up most of my reading time of late... it IS spring after all.

I'll go with the spiritually enlightening books I would put on my 'must read' list.I have a fiction novel list and leadership type books as well but I don't think that is what you are asking.

I'm currently reading 'Grace the Power of the Gospel' by Andrew Wommack.It is a very good breakdown of the meaning of grace and the gift of righteousness we received from the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. It is now on my must read list.

Kenneth Hagin's- 'The Authority of the Believer' is on my list-- for understanding the basic and clear knowledge of what has already been purchased and given to us as believers and our necessary part to play to enforce it while we are on this earth.

Andrew Murray's mini book 'Humility'-I could use another reading of this one at the moment. :-)

Lester Sumrall's 'The Holy War Jihad- The Destiny of Iran and the Moslem World' circa 1980. A remarkable look at Bible Scripture, the origin and destiny of the Muslim religion. Not sure if this one is in print anymore but it should be.

Doug Joneses' Positioning Yourself to Receive Healing. A clear and precise layout of beliefs you must embrace as you pursue physical healing.

There's more but I don't want to hog all the space. Would love to hear other lists from more readers... maybe there's something I need to add to my list.

mlm said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I will just keep commenting as they come to mind, or this would take way too long. :o)

1. Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs...because it changed the way I view marriage and (hopefully)the way I treat my husband

pilgrim said...

Firstly, I have to admit to not giving enough time to reading, so you have created a stir in me. I get off to a grand start, but seldom finish what I began to read. My current read (over the last several months) is "The Name of Jesus", Legacy Edition by Kenneth E. Hagin. This book gives much needed insight into "what sets this Name apart from all others?" (per book jacket). I read the original 1979 publication back in 1981, but this 2006 book is an expanded edition, with new inclusions. Quoting from the Foreward: "The power in the Name of Jesus to save, heal, and deliver, and the authority we have to use that Name are two essential truths that all Christians need to know. It's time for the Body of Christ to focus again on the power and authority we have in the wonderful, mighty Name of Jesus. Christians cannot afford to ignore this vital truth any longer." A good read for anyone who wants to minister the Word of God effectively and learn to use the power & authority God has given you in the Name of Jesus.

Nathan Talbot said...

Pilgrim, thanks for posting. Love the suggestion. That was is going on my list.

MLM, looking forward to the rest of your suggestions. You first one is on my to read list.

Meems, great list. Three of those are on my must read list as well. I think every believer should read "The Authority of the Believer" multiple times. Wommack's book is phenomenal and I learned a lot from Doug Jones book. I would add "Mastering the Silence" by Doug Jones. It is a phenomenal book on our thought life and how to captivate every thought.

I will have to check out the one you mentioned by Andrew Murray.

Great job so far. Keep them coming.

Nathan Talbot said...


is going on my list.

not "was is"