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Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's Right With You?

Ever notice how Paul consistently reminds us that what we do or don’t do in terms of our behavior/performance has anything to do with whether we are righteous or not. We have been made righteous (by the Blood of Jesus)--it’s a gift (Rom 5:17) just like salvation– which means we ARE righteous whether we look like it, act like it or feel like it. Once we are born again it seems so easy to understand & accept our salvation. Can’t we apply the same understanding and simple belief to righteousness? We don’t always feel saved do we? But does that change the fact that we are? We don’t always act saved do we? But that also doesn’t change the fact that we are. It works the same way with the gift of righteousness.

Does this way of thinking- “I’m righteous because God made me righteous” – mean I am to take it as free license to sin? Absolutely not. Paul answered these questions in Romans 6.

What it does give me is a freedom to enjoy my Christianity before God confident He isn’t holding my every little mistake against me. For me, it makes me love Him more and stirs the holy desire to live a godly life- unafraid. It makes me want to run into His arms when I fall. It gives me assurance that I can keep on doing what is right even when I mess up. It inspires me to tell others of His greatness and His overwhelming desire to see us succeed in THIS life. It takes the focus off of me and my performance and puts it where it belongs—onto Jesus and His sacrifice for me and all of mankind.


mlm said...

I think I need to read this post about 10 times a day. Thanks for the reminders.

Meems said...

mlm: me TOO!

For so long I lived my Christian life "working hard" not to 'do' the things my old nature leaned toward. The more I learn to walk by the Spirit (listening to Him, allowing Him to a bigger place in my daily life)I realize how there is NO condemnation (Rom 8)from God... only a steady assurance that it is the finished work of Jesus - the resurrection power available to me which gives me the confidence to throw myself wholly on God for seeing me to the end of this journey. AND in all of His goodness toward me -- He wants me to enjoy it and be successful as I go.

Does that mean there won't be bumps in the road along the way? NO. But it does mean I am fully and utterly persuaded that God is able to complete the work HE STARTED. Just knowing He looks at me and sees me as righteous (because of Jesus- not me)and not an old sinner barely able to drag myself into the throne room due to my bad behavior really helps to smooth out the bumps and bruises along the way.

I love Him with all my heart because He is the ONLY ONE able to fill every void, every desire, every dream.

Nathan Talbot said...


This was a great post. It is such a vital and important part of our walk with Christ. We all mess up, we all fall short and we are being perfected. None of us are perfect yet and still we have the confidence to come before God, into the throne room, in rightesouness. We can stand before Him unashamed and it is ALL because of Jesus.

Not only does it make me confident, but it makes me ever so grateful for what Jesus did.