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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Riddle Me This...(Abortion)

Can a Christian be Pro-Choice?


Nathan Talbot said...

You are just trying to open up a big ol' can of worms aren't ya??

I'll bite.

I don't think a God fearing, Jesus is my Lord Christian can be pro-choice. Lot of people call themselves Christian, but I don't see a whole lot of people living, acting like, or making decisions that are very Christian. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely not judging anyone's salvation. I just don't see a lot of people using sound Biblical doctrine to shape their worldview. If they were there would be a whole lot more republicans in office with all the "Christian's" we have living in this country.

Oh and by the way you know the counter to that from any "Christian" who is pro choice is always the death penalty argument.

Bryan L said...

"but I don't see a whole lot of people living, acting like, or making decisions that are very Christian."

That raises an interesting question Nathan. What does a Christian's life look like that lives, acts and makes Christian decisions? Obviously it has to go beyond voting, but what else? I also don't think we can just equate it with certain behavioral traits (i.e. no cursing, drinking, or watching rated R movies). It has to be a life marked by action (I think), so what do you think it would look like?

Bryan L

mlm said...


I don't have time right now to leave my own full reply, and I don't want to butt in to your question to Nathan, but I was wondering if you could clarify something for me.

I hope my question makes sense:

Aren't things like cursing, drinking, and watching movies "actions" rather than "behavorial traits" (like being moody, rude, a procrastinator, etc. which actually also translate into actions but that's a different story)? In your mind, what is the difference between "actions" we take (that you don't think matter) and the "action" you are prescribing our life be marked by?

Bryan L said...

Yes MLM, You are right.

I'm trying to keep the potential answer to my question from being the usual negative approach to Christian living, as in Christians don't do this or that. It's easy to define what being a Christian looks like negatively instead of positively or pro actively, and then make that the bigger piece of the pie so that we primarily achieve majoring in behavioral things, as in being a good boy or girl.

For instance think about how you might view 2 types of Christians:
1.) The type of Christian that does a lot of proactively Christian things, but also sometimes (or even often) does some of the negative things that Christians aren't supposed to do (like you've mentioned).
2.) Now think about someone who is impeccable in not doing the negatives but doesn't really do a whole lot of the proactive Christian things.

What would be the normal Christian view of them? It would be easy to classify the first as a “Christian”, but not a good one (or one at all), while at the same time looking at the other one and considering them a good Christian.

Hmmm... The more I think about this (I hadn’t given it much thought when I posted my first comment) the more I think I might make this a post on my blog. ; )

Anyway I think you get what I’m saying.

Bryan L

Meems said...

I'm going to weigh in here with I do think a Christian can be pro-choice.

I know Christians who are pro-choice.

I strongly believe a pro-choice stand is error and I credit it to ignorance (of the word)and indifference but it is the case nevertheless.

Nathan Talbot said...

After reading Meems post I have to retract my original statement. I too think Christians can be Pro-choice because I know some as well. I too think it is in error due to ignorance, but that doesn't change the fact that I am quite sure they are Christians and know for sure they are pro choice.

So I guess in short I don't understand how they can be, and I think it is wrong but it certainly does happen.

So "can" a Christian be pro-choice, yes. "Should" a Christian be pro-choice, no I don't think so.

Bryan, good question. I understand why you cut out the things you did. You don't want the standard "religous" answer.

I personally think we should be different. Our actions and the way we live our lives should be a witness to other people. I am not talking about the fact that we go to church on Sunday and we don't curse although certainly those should be aspects of our Christian walk. I am talking more in regards to how to we handle different situations, how do we treat other people, what kind of husbands and fathers are we? How do we handle our money? Are we givers, do we walk in love, do we treat our wives with the utmost respect and dignity? Do we walk in humility and have patience with others? These are actions and lifestyles that others can view from the outside. They can see that we are different and then they should see that we have good relationships, we are at peace, we live in joy, and we have comfort in all situations and they will want to know how and why we can be so settled in a tumultuous world. The answer is of course Jesus. We have a savior who is with us always, who protects us, heals us, comforts us and delivers us from anything that might come against us.

You see I think there are two types of Christians. Those who are saved and those who have made Jesus the Lord of their life. If Jesus is Lord of your life and you have fully surrendered to Him your main concern is going to be drawing closer in your relationship with Him and finding out what he wants for your life. I firmly believe that one who is in complete surrender to Jesus who walks and talks with Him daily can not keep living the way they did before that time came. I can't just keep acting like I did before. I can't keep doing the things I used to do and it has changed the things I do, the way I spend my free time, the way I act, the way I treat others and how I manage the situations that arise in my life.

Hope that answers your question.