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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Star Struck

I have always been amazed at people’s fascination with famous people. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand the lengths some people will go just to get near someone who is famous. We have all seen the videos of people swooning over the “stars”. We have all heard stories from friends like, “guess who I got to meet at such and such event” and then they name some movie star or athlete, obviously excited about their encounter. While I don't neccessarily understand it, I realize that it is a reality, and many people get excited about the opportunity to meet a famous person.

Taking it a step further and this is something I can relate to, how about the opportunity to meet someone of real power like the President of the United States? Now that would be an honor wouldn’t it? Something we would surely tell all our friends about. Something we would probably tell for years to come. We would share our experience of the time we got to sit down and meet the POTUS.

While that would be a great honor and a privilege, we are blessed with an even greater privilege. We are able to “meet” with, talk to, walk with, and enter into the presence of the God of this Universe. Think about that. Let it soak in. We can go daily into the presence of the King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, the Creator of Heaven and Earth! I don’t know about you but that excites me. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, meet with God, fellowship with HIM, and then tell your friends about the wonderful experience.


MLM said...

Awesome post. I especially liked the last part of the last sentence. That would make sense, huh? It would a natural reaction if we really were thrilled about our experience with God...just like it'd be natural of us to tell everyone of the "famous" person we met. Wow.

Meems said...

NT: Thanks for the great post. I like your analogy! It does seem to be our human nature to be star-struck- I guess because we are enamored with fame and fortune and the few who have attained what seems kind of impossible to us common folk.

Like you though --I've never clearly understood all the hoopla folks make of the rich & famous. I guess I am so black and white --the way I see it is they've got problems too (bigger ones than us sometimes) we only see their better looking side in films and such. There just PEOPLE!

What an opening we have with our God who knows every nook and cranny of our being... every thought, every idea, every desire, every longing...

Through the Blood of Jesus the way has been made for us to enter boldly into "God's throne room". Just think of it...the invitation always and forever open- 24/7. Now that's something to swoon over!