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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Riddle Me This...(Movies and Christianity)

Calling ourselves "Christian" isn't just a name tag we wear to church or seminary or on our theological blogs, is it? It means something, right? Christ-like? Little Christ?

The Apostle Paul goes into great detail to describe the vast (and obvious) differences between the way a Christian lives and a nonChristian lives. One is light; the other dark. One is righteous; the other unrighteous. One is Christ; the other Belial.

So tell me this...if we're supposed to abhor evil and cling to what is good...do Christians have any business going to see horror movies?

"Abhor" is a pretty strong word. And "evil"...well, I guess that's where Christians have started making up their own definitions. And THAT is where the Apostle Paul comes in, right? You tell me.


M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Hey! Glad I finally made it over to your blog (even though I only have time for this one post right now) but I did want to say that we rented a rated "R" movie this weekend for the first time in years. I've only seen a handful of rated "R" movies in my lifetime..but this was one I really thought looked cute so I thought 'how bad could it be'? Well, it was HORRIBLE! I was so ashamed and convicted for watching it. I actually repented right afterward and made a commitment to never rent a "R" movie again. I completely agree with you. If we are the temple of the Holy Spirit...we certainly don't need to be subjecting oursleves to that kind of filth. We don't watch horror movies...but you can get a pretty raunchy movie if you get a "R" rated comedy or romance movie too!
Anyway, it's the PG's for me from now on!

Nathan Talbot said...

That one is easy. I don't like horror movies at all so I say no we shouldn't watch them. ;)

Seriously though it is definitely something we need to think about. I do think horror movies are an easy choice. I believe fear is one of the devil's main weapons. He uses it in many forms, fear of death, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted. Fear and its friend anxiety are a battle many people struggle with in some form or another daily. Horror movies are built upon fear. Being a child who was a very afraid I have never liked them, but now that I have been delivered from that fear completely I still guard myself. I don't want to open any doors.

Of course while horror is easy for me I do like a good action movie. Where do we draw the line? Is it with R ratings like sam? Is it based on type of movie? I think these are tough questions. Questions I am going to have to examine in my own life. Thanks for the challenge.

Lastly, I will conclude with this. In Bible study this Sunday the teacher (one of our pastors) was talking about our bodies being temples. Most of us have heard this and how we should treat our bodies well because of that. He put it into another interesting context. That God is living on the inside of us, we are His temple, so we should really think about what we are allowing into our eye gate and ear gate. Would we have allowed all the evil and corrupt things we take in, into the Holy of Holies before the veil was torn? Made me think...