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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Which One Will You Be?

Often during my morning jog the praise songs from my i-pod move me along and the time I spend exercising becomes a time of my prayer and worship. What could be better? Exercising physically on a beautiful Florida morning while communing with God is hard to beat.

My spirit many times will latch on to words from a particular song and it is as if the Holy Spirit takes a highlighter to the words to speak something to me. Monday morning was like that. As I listened to the song Two Sets of Joneses by Big Tent Revival my heart leapt and my mind was full of thoughts about the two kinds of houses (life) one can choose to build as taught by Jesus in Matthew 7. In the Philips translation it is stated this way, everyone who hears and practices these words of mine is like a sensible man who builds his house on the rock.

I actually didn't read MLM's Monday post until Wednesday morning. When I saw she posted on this subject I got giddy thinking about how the Holy Spirit works in hearts. Since this message has been stirring in me since Monday I am going ahead with it here -- hopefully it will layer on top of MLM's post to speak to someone.

We can be certain the winds and the storms are going to come as long as we live on this earth. Whatever our beliefs, our thinking, our character, our opinions, our values, our insecurities, our strengths and weaknesses we've been practicing will be revealed when the storms of life rock our world.

I once had a house built on my own ideas, my own philosophies, my own understanding, and lots of mixed up doctrines and justifications. Sandy soil at best. What a night and day difference my life is now that I depend on my heavenly Father's word, wisdom and love to lift me out of the storms of life as I trust Him and know Him better and better all the time. It's vital to know Him and His perfect character of goodness and love toward us in order to trust Him. Trust is not automatic. Trust grows as we step out in faith on God's word and we experience the beauty of a life filled with joy, peace and blessing.


Nathan Talbot said...

Good post Meems, it definitley ties in and layers with MLM's earlier post. Neat how that works.

mlm said...

And he screamed, IT'S A BOY!...