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Monday, December 10, 2007

Security for the Insecure, Stability in Unstable Times, Wise Enough to Stand Through Storms

I heard a sermon the other day about evangelism mainly (and our need to be evangelists in our everyday world), but in the message the preacher shared a certain principle that was a side note to him but hit me like a spotlight on my heart when the man said it. He said, in effect, "What we secure ourselves to determines how secure we are."

Think about it. The first "secure" is a verb. The second is a noun. In other words, if we don't secure (tie, connect, bind) ourselves to Jesus, the only sure Foundation, when the inevitable storms of life come, we will find ourselves insecure and shaken.

I've heard the Bible passages about the wise man building his house on the rock and the foolish man building his house on the sand. When the storm comes (notice Jesus said WHEN, not "if"), only the wise man's house remains standing. The foolish man's house is wiped away.

But I'd never before pondered my personal insecurities as having to do with to whom or to what I've secured myself. What have I been depending on? Trusting in? Leaning and relying on? (It's no wonder I've been a bit shaky at times! ) What we secure ourselves to determines our how secure we will be! It's interesting and important thought...

Another important thought...Do you know what Jesus said would be the difference between our house (our LIFE) standing or falling? Forget the parable about the house and the rock and the sand. That was just to illustrate His point. Jesus said the difference between what would make us wise and what would make us foolish is this: whether or not we obey His Words when we hear them.

The wise man hears and puts into practice those things he's heard. The foolish man just hears. Even if I've made Jesus my Savior, my security is uncertain until I make Him my Lord. It's only when I hear and obey that I've wisely built my house upon the rock, or secured my life to the One who will never let me down and never let me be shaken---storms, insecurities, and all!


Nathan Talbot said...

Great post. I have been looking at this in my own life lately. For a very long time I secured myself to my own wisdom. Sure I had been taught the Word and I knew where my trust should be, but I thought I had things figured out pretty good on my own. It worked for a time, but when trouble hit, my foundation (my own wisdom) was not strong enough to hold me.

Thankfully, I turned to the true foundation (God) in my life, and found refuge and strength. As I proceed I am purposing to put all my trust in my Heavenly Father. The peace and comfort that comes with that brings an amazing amount of security and joy to my life.

It is easier said than done for sure. Lots of people say they trust in God. They claim to have faith in Him, but I believe it is misguided. That is not to say that we should not trust in Him, NO we absolutely should. However, in that trust we have responsibility. Just as we have a responsibility when it comes to salvation (we must believe in our heart and confess with our mouth), we have responsibility when it comes to our protection, prosperity, health, and victorious life. As I study the Word more and more seeking the One I am putting my trust in it is comforting to know that my part is easy.

But as easy as it is so many Christians today get it wrong. They blame the One they trust for problems in their lives. They question why things are happening to them. That is not trust.

They do not understand that they have a role to play just as they did in their salvation. They have the authority to bind Satan on this earth from their lives. They have a responsibility to declare that "God is my refuge in Him will I trust"(Ps. 91:2). They have responsbility to walk in faith. That is not to say that God will bring them out of the trouble He placed them in. No it is faith that our God is a good God, a rewarded of those who have faith and seek him (Heb 11:6).

In closing you couldn't be more right. We will be as secure as what we secure ourselves to, but we must not just walk in a blind security. We must get in relationship with our God. For if we don't KNOW him how can we truly trust Him. Until our faith in His goodness and His love, and His trustworthiness is so tangible that it can never be shaken then we can not be completely secure in Him. We have a part to play and God is always faithful to reward those who obey him. Part of that is doing our part as he has laid it out before us in His Word.

mlm said...

NT: Thanks for the comment. Lots of good thoughts, as usual. I have a question for you though...well, a clarification and then a question.

To clarify, you said in the 5th paragraph, "That is not to say that God will bring them out of the trouble He placed them in." I think I misread this the first few times, thinking you said that we can't ask God to bring us out of the trouble HE placed us in, but we can only have faith for Him to deliver us out of the trouble He didn't place us in. (As if there are two kinds of trouble, and one is from God and therefore we can't get out of that kind.) But reading other comments by you and knowing you as I do, I don't think that's what you meant. Can you clarify?

And the question is regarding something you said in your last graph...I'm a big proponent of if you tell someone WHAT to do, you must also tell them HOW to do it...SO! You said, "For if we don't KNOW him how can we truly trust Him..." and basically told us that we need to KNOW God (the "what" of the equation). Now for the sake of all readers, can you tell us HOW we're to get to know God in the way that enables us to truly trust Him the way you're talking about?

Thanks---for clarifying, answering, and just plain COMMENTING! :o)

Nathan Talbot said...

Ooh MLM thanks for asking for clarity. I read that over a couple times and was hoping it wouldn't lead to confusion. I should have realized it would.

God does not lead us out of trouble He puts us in, BECAUSE


God is not the author of our trouble. Asking him to lead us out of trouble He has placed on us is actually counteractive to faith, because it means you think/believe that He lead you there in the first place or allowed it to happen which I believe is wrong and goes against what he has taught us in His Word.

God is always faithful to lead us out of trouble if we follow His guidelines and we must definitely put our trust in Him to do so, but the foundation of that is believing that He is a good God that doesn't put troubles on us.

I hope that clarifies. If not tell me and I will try to elaborate further.

How do we know God? Good question. I certainly don't think I have all the answers, but the easiest way I get to know Him is talking to Him and reading His Word. God reveals Himself to us in His Word. He reveals what kind of God He is and His true nature in His word. As we read His Word we can gain and understanding of who He is and what He wants for us.

Talking to him through prayer is another great way to get to know Him. As I enter into His presence through prayer He becomes more real to me every day. The more real He becomes the easier it is to put my trust in Him.

Now I want to be careful here because one of the requirements He has laid out for us is to have faith. I think people miss it when they try to have God show Himself to them FIRST and then say they will believe. That is wrong. He has called us to believe in faith, but we are talking about knowing God here. Knowing him like we know those people close to us. The initial step is faith, then as we study His Word and get in prayer we can get to really know Him, to fellowship with Him and to establish a relationship with Him.

Pilgrim said...

Very good post and comments! Gives one a lot to think on and to also put into practice.

From my life experience and according to the Word, one can always have faith, as "God has given to every man the measure of faith", Rom. 12:3. This gift of faith is available so that one can receive the salvation offered by God through His Son, Jesus Christ. So, according to this, faith can be measured. One can have weak faith, or little faith, even great faith and ever-increasing faith. The key is trusting in the measure of faith you have and continuing to allow it to develop. You may not have faith or growth in some areas of your life, but you can begin to practice faith for those and allow your spirit to connect to God by that simple act and confirming your belief by the Word, and you will grow up spiritually. None of us has arrived, we are a "work in progress". You walk out your salvation on a day by day basis. "
When the storms come (as Meems pointed out "when not if"), you have an anchor, a hiding place, a refuge, a security in the One Whom you have believed.

"Be strong in the Lord--be empowered through your union with Him; draw your strength from Him--that strength which His (boundless) might provides. Put on God's whole armor-the armor of a heavy-armed soldier, which God supplies--that you may be able successfully to stand up against (all) the strategies and the deceits of the devil." Eph. 6:10,11

It is a fight of faith, as Paul noted. Your position is to "resist and stand your ground on the evil day (of danger), and having done all (the crisis demands), to stand (firmly in your place)". vs. 13

For me, this is how I got to "know" God. In spite of all my physical senses could tell me, my mental assessment of a situation, or my studied knowledge of the possible outcomes of the storm, just hang tough and 'let God be God'. Studying the Word, prayer and praise, will build the right foundation for your life. But even Jesus said the trials and tribulations will come. What you do with what you have learned makes the difference in the end. Trust is not automatic, it is earned. God is faithful and true, to Himself, to His Word, to His family. When you are faithful back to Him, by your walk and talk, and your faith is put to action in the storms, you will grow up spiritually. You can have faith that will move mountains, and you will experience great faith for yourself and to help others.

Pilgrim said...

Oops, I just reread the post and realize that MLM had authored it, not Meems. Sorry, MLM!