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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bible is the Mirror

Explanation here of the readings being copied to this blog for your encouragement. Again Walk Wisely is not the writer of the following information. We are, however, gaining lots of support to our beliefs and faith from these daily e-mails being delivered to our inbox. You didn't think I could just copy and paste someone else's words only did ya? I've got a little something- something to say at the end...

Today we’re fasting from the thought that says: “I don’t like myself.”

Thoughts on this family tree include: “I don’t like the way I act; the way I look; my life; my personality, etc.” This kind of self-derision and self-condemnation defeats us before we ever face our day. It causes poor self-worth, limited expectations, bad decisions and bad habits...

Let’s change it TODAY:
1. You care for and improve what you VALUE. Let's learn to value ourselves.
2. You are valuable. The value of a thing is determined by how much someone would pay for that thing. God paid for you with the blood of Jesus—Revelation 1:5, Acts 20:28. That makes you special and costly. Believe that.
3. You are amazing! Meditate on the truth that you are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made (Psalm 139:14). You were made to resemble God—Genesis 1:28.
4. Meditate on your new self. “Created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24).
5. The Holy Spirit lives in you! (1 Corinthians 3:16). He could have chosen to live anywhere, but He chose YOU. He likes you. So you need to like you.
6. Keep looking at the Bible as a mirror. As you do, you will be transformed into that image. (2 Corinthians 3:16-17) Meditating on God’s Word IS changing you into the person that is impossible not to like!
THINK IT & SAY IT: I have value. God paid for me with His own blood. He has made me to resemble Him on the inside, and as I meditate on this truth, I will start to look like Him in my everyday life, as well. The Holy Spirit lives in me, and is transforming me into a person impossible not to like, In Jesus’ Name.
I honestly believe that learning to love yourself through the eyes of God is one of the key secrets to living a happy life. Or maybe I should say ... living a gratifying (webster: to be the source of or give pleasure or satisfaction) life. No one is ever going to be happy all the time. Forget it. But one can be satisfied to the core of your soul and there isn't any amount of money that can purchase that kind of peace. So, no matter what life throws our way, we really can have joy and peace in the deepest parts of our spirit, soul, and body.
It starts with knowing and believing the unfathomable love of God through Jesus Christ and loving ourselves because He does. When we do we will in turn love others. And the freedom to love others, my friends, is what life is all about!
Have a blessed and joyful day! Meems


gigi said...

gee, i used to look in every couple of days to see what was new, and now i've gotten a little behind not viewing WW daily. good stuff though.

not to be controversial (i hope), but the title of yesterday was "get the focus off you", and yet today is all about focusing on who 'you' really are. now i understand the gist of both these articles, but here's my thing. you absolutely must concentrate on 'yourself' as to who 'you' really are (per today's post) as opposed to who you think you are (what you look like, act like, how others see you, etc.). you can't see yourself in other's eyes, reactions, or attitudes. those mirrors do not reflect how God sees you, nor how you must see yourself to reflect Him to others. it does come naturally, this judging ourselves through others opinions. we are taught these standards, graded by our performance, and accepted by social approval, all of which is somewhat needed in our early formative years. but too often it molds us into people pleasing robots, or else into authority-rebeling, self-destructive persons void of contributing anything useful to others.

so looking at 'yourself' with unveiled eyes in the mirror of God's Word, focusing on who 'you' really are in His pure love and truth is the only way to be free to be the real 'you'. His unconditional love for 'you' is the liberation needed to realize 'you' are one of a kind and 'you' are absolutely adored by your Maker. if 'you' are pleasing and acceptable to God Himself, the pressure to try to please others disappears and the self-loathing is replaced with His love for 'you' and others, no matter how they act or react, which is the really hard part.

your comment made this point very clearly:
"I honestly believe that learning to love yourself through the eyes of God is one of the key secrets to living a happy life. Or maybe I should say ... living a gratifying (webster: to be the source of or give pleasure or satisfaction) life."

in fact, your total personal comments were priceless. when you can be at peace with 'you' and with God, 'you' can carry that presence into the rest of your encounters, and have the victorious life that so often escapes the average believer.

Meems said...

Before I posted this I thought of that very thing... "the title of yesterday was "get the focus off of you", and yet today is all about focusing on who 'you' really are."

I am certain you know the gist and your htoughts on focusing on "who you really are" are very much true and appreciated.