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Monday, March 23, 2009

Mental Strength

Do you get lots of daily reports from various ministries? I've narrowed my incoming e-mail newsletters down to two. I'm going to share one with you. These short but concise encouragements are easy to read and easy to grasp. I've thought so many times about posting them here and today is the day I could resist no longer. Those of you who know me, know I am a die-hard advocate of mental toughness. What we use our precious thought-life on is what we will likely begin to believe. So to change what we believe we have to change what we think about. What we think is what we eventually (if we haven't already) become.

The premise of each of these daily readings is to make us aware of what we are allowing ourselves to think. I hope they speak to you as much as they have me. I'm saying "they" because I may post more of them along the way. Let me know if you like it... pleeeeze.
Today we’re fasting from the mentality of SELF-PITY. This includes thoughts such as, “nobody cares”, “nobody notices”, “what does my life matter?” These thoughts bring progress and joy in our lives to a screeching halt.

Let's change it TODAY:
1. Discover J.O.Y. (Jesus, Others, Yourself). As we fill our mind with Jesus first, then others, joy will come to our lives. Matthew 6:33—seek first the kingdom of God...PUT GOD FIRST.
2. Learn from Cain. Genesis 4:3-6. He put himself first, and his countenance fell. Depression and self-pity came when he gave God the leftovers rather than giving him the first of his crops. Believe this—giving and tithing is good emotional medicine!
3. Take advantage of the feelings of self-pity. How? Recognize those as reminders that OTHER people are suffering. Find someone suffering more than you, and do something for them.
4. Recognize self-pity is actually doing the opposite to you. Its destroying you rather than comforting you. ASK the Holy Spirit to comfort you. John 14:16.
5. And believe in the Father’s love. Psalm 103:13. Just as a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion and pity upon them that fear Him. Remember the definition of fear: devoted focus. Devote your focus to God, and His pity and compassion will fill your heart, leaving no room for self-pity.
6. Accept your acceptance with God. Resist REJECTION---You are accepted in the beloved (Ephesians 1:6, Mark 1:11).
THINK IT & SAY IT:I put God first in my life, and my countenance is LIFTED! When I feel low, I will be sensitive to the needs of others and encourage them. I believe in the Father’s love, and accept His acceptance in my life. I resist rejection and feelings of self-pity, in Jesus’ Name!

This reading reminded me of something Joyce Meyer (not the author of this blurb) always says, " Do you want to be pitiful or powerful?"

If we are going to be powerful for the kingdom (or anything really) we absolutely can give no place to pitiful!

Now, go out and make the most of your day! Blessings, Meems


gigi said...

good post! also reminds me of something i once heard Marilyn Hickey say (paraphrase): 'if you want to throw a pity party, don't expect any other guests to come.'
i do believe it is impossible to not fall prey to self-pity without the uplifting encouragement of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. you must feed the spirit man as healthily as you do the physical man, in order to be properly nourished in your innermost being.
a well-known teacher i read after said it this way: 'most people feed their bodies three good meals a day, and their spirit man one cold snack a week'.
the other suggestions given in this post are good, but taking in or feeding on the right spiritual nutrients will give you the strength to start helping yourself and enable you to reach out to others who need your help also. it is very hard to offer help to others when you are not equipped mentally or spiritually, and you could actually be a detriment without having anything within yourself to bring to their need.
especially in our present economy, most people are feeling very introspective and fear of failure and self-preservation is a primary concern. it is a time of testing even for the elect, and we need to focus on the promises of God continuously, and to lift up our eyes to Him, who is our source of help and confidence.

CoachK said...

Thank you Meems for a great reminder. I love these kind of posts as they keep my mind on the right track. Just like a garden those nasty little weeds spring up in your mind overnight and unless you really look for them you can't see them until they have taken root. These types of reminders help us see those little weeds while they are just sprouting. Thank you.
And amen to Gigi comment!

Meems said...

I remember Marilyn saying that... it stuck with me, too. I hear those words when I start that party!

Hey... love that garden analogy... those pesky weeds!!!!