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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The superbowl Ad NBC rejected

Here is an ad that was rejected by NBC. The supposed reason, they don't allow political or advocacy ads. However, the very first ad run during the superbowl finished with this tagline "help us help dogs".


marmee said...

this would have been a great ad to be seen by so many, hopefully we will see it on tv sometime since the superbowl rejected it.
there will always be double standards that's why we have to stand up for what we know to be right.

Meems said...

I first saw this on CatholicVote.com and applauded the simplicity of the message.

Unfortunately we have become a world more concerned with animals and saving the "earth" than the right to life for pre-born humans.

Don't dare mess with a turtle egg on the beach or you could go to jail!

Not that I mind taking care of the earth and animals... but we have done THAT and turned our back on pre-born humans. Sadly, our current president doesn't even respect human life enough to vote against partial birth abortion.

I'm not catholic but they have consistently championed the message that every human life deserves the right to life and the pursuit of happiness. I appreciate every effort.

The blood on our hands as a nation from the holocaust of abortion has cost us a total disrespect for human life in general. It plays out all the way down the line. When a group of people as a whole doesn't respect the very weakest human life among them - the results of that shows up in every aspect... thus violence, crime, etc. steadily have increased.

Hopefully this ad will make it into the mainstream for those that have eyes to see.

gigi said...

let's pray that BHO himself 'sees' this ad, and is reproved by the message it gives - that even one life preserved can make an impact in this world! let's hope that this message 'speaks' to his heart and mind - that all life is worthy of saving! let's believe that he will be 'touched' by the truth of this message - that to destroy even one unborn life would tamper with the destiny of all! let's expect that he will 'taste' the goodness of this message - and be repulsed by the ongoing abortion of millions of potential human lives! let's demand that he 'hear' this message loud and clear - by our grass root effort to let our representatives and senators know where we stand on this issue! and let's intercede for him that he will be convicted by the 'stench' of the sin of abortion on demand - and will redefine his legislation before any other altered law that allows further 'legal murders' can be passed!