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Friday, December 19, 2008

"I Will Sing You To Me"

"And I will hear you."

Just saw the movie Australia.

Loved it.


mlm said...

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't. say. a. word. I want to see it!

marmee said...

i have to say, i did see it.
i did like it eeekkk!
i thought i would love it.
i felt it was a little forced.
i hope you love it.
the one thing i did love was the little aboriginal boy, beautiful!
it is worth seeing but i won't be buying it.

N.T. said...

Is it a musical?

Meems said...

mlm: I knew you wouldn't want me to give anythiing away... so I didn't... trust me.

marmee: Did you mean to say "didn't" like it?

I admit I went to the movie without ever having seen a single preview nor read a single review. I honestly didn't even know what it was about. Mr. Meems had heard from a few people that it was a good "date" movie. Good for the men. Good for the ladies. I went solely on his recommendation.

That child was absolutely beautiful and a good actor.

I won't say anymore so as not to spoil it for the others. Uh-hmmm... or at least for you know who.

NT: Not a musical - just a "line in the movie" that drew me in to the place I could say I LOVED the movie. SHHHHHHHH, we can't say anymore. :-)

gigi said...

if you "loved" a movie, i absolutely must see it, because you don't put your stamp of 'thumbs up' on many movies! very interesting!!

Meems said...

gigi, that's exactly what I was thinking. Mind you, it was very late when we got home from the movie and it could have been the mood I was in that night... but after these few days I still maintain it was a good movie and I would actually see it again which I almost NEVER want to do.

N.T. said...

I have seen a preview or two and I didn't think it was a musical. I was going to be really dissapointed if they pulled that trickeration.

So we know you loved it. I need to know if Mr. Meems liked it?

marmee said...

ps and i won't be seeing it again either.

Meems said...

N.T. So glad you asked. Mr. Meems "thought it was great. There was a little cowboy, a little history (albeit not totally correct), a little romance, a little Wizard of Oz". His exact quote.

And I would add ... a little fashion ...and a lot of Kidman and Jackman. I happen to be a fan of both. So much so that I don't even let their personal life sway my opinion of their acting.

Meems said...

Marmee-- I think I get it. :-)

Rissalee @ Mile283 said...
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mlm said...

How little was the cowboy? :o) Mr. Meems must have read/heard some legit reports about the movie: I think that "Wizard of Oz" comment was something the pros had said.

I think the movie was made by Baz Lurhman (SP?) the same guy that did Moulon Rouge??? So it probably had that epic, fantasy feel. But PLEASE don't say any more...I really want to see it.

I mean, Hugh Jackman?? What's not to love???