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Thursday, December 18, 2008

His Law is Love and His Gospel is Peace

Why not listen to the angelic voice of Celine sing our favorite Christmas carol while we are all too busy to post something new?

Thanks to Marmee for the link.

Wow. That last "noel" is worth the listen.
Hope you are all getting all your Christmas priorities accomplished. I LOVE this time of year!


pilgrim said...

lovely! what a voice! just listened while addressing some cards - thanks for sharing, meems and marmee. and i LOVE this time of year too! what priorities? haven't done any shopping yet, but i'm still merry! tis the season to be jolly, i've been told. so i'm trying not to sweat the small things! or the big stuff either ;-)

marmee said...

thanks meems,
haven't had time for the phone call or tutorial but i am glad you shared.

good for you pilgrim, sweating is just ugly anyway, unless gardening profusely. stress isn't pretty either as i have observed on others. :>)
love you both!

Meems said...

pilgrim, That's exactly what I did. Well, not while addressing cards but while doing some other things.

marmee, I am not a big fan of Celine but for a female voice she is remarkable. I think she does this song particularly well. When I didn't see it go up on your blog I decided to go ahead over here after finding out so many are fans of the song.

thanks for the link

marmee said...

your welcome maybe by next christmas i will know how to post a utube, i know it can't be too hard. i am a hugh fan, i saw her in las vegas with an amazing stage and show. very artistical stuff she had going on. not to mention her incredible voice, she has a very genuine presence about her.
she is very worth the seeing!