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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

We just couldn't watch it. We've not missed a minute of any of the debates until tonight. Although we DVR'ed it (just in case I later heard it was really good), Hubby and I decided to sit this one out since the last one nearly put us to sleep. I know who I'm voting for already. I'm beginning to think if there really are people out there who don't know who their voting for yet ... they might have mush for brains.

I was, however, following Michelle Malkins blow by blow live blogging which was a lot easier to take (and actually funny at times) than sitting in front of the tube listening to the same rhetoric from the two candidates for 90 minutes.

I'm thinking maybe Joe the Plumber needs to be the next President.

If you missed it, too, you can have a look at what Michelle had to say. She is conservative but usually not too easy on McCain.


Nathan Talbot said...

I wasn't going to watch it, but decided to give it a chance. It was the best debate by far. I wish the first two were more like this. No knock out blows but John at least took it to him on some big issues and called him on the carpet on some things. I wish he would have been even stronger and finished his flurries with a more crushing blow.

Obama was his usual self, full of deception and talking points.

Arissa Mae said...

According to Fox News, all the reporters from all outlets were scrambling to talk to Joe the Plumber (now famous) after the debate to see what he thought. Apparently, he said that he still believes Obama's tax plan will be bad news for him, but he wouldn't say who he was going to vote for. What does THAT mean?!?!

Arissa Mae said...

And another thing, did you know that Obama has said that he hopes to pass the "Freedom of Abortion Act" as possibly his first presidential legislation? The act removes ALL restrictions from abortion. A-L-L. So his line about "the health of the mother" was bogus. And McCain should have been stronger in calling him out. But at least someone finally mentioned abortion. What about immigration? Gay marriage? It's not all about money. I mean, sure, people say it is. But if you're a Christian, then our vote should certainly NOT be all about money. But it seems that most people decide their vote by their wallet, and sadly many people vote by how much they can get for free...and the democrats are notoriously good at promising something for nothing. But in the end, they own you.

marmee said...
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marmee said...

i did get to watch this one and thought it was good. they do say the same things over and over again. i like the way sen. mccain said he appreciated obama's ability to be eloquent but to pay close attention to the words he was actually using like "give that a try", "we will look into that"
vague vague and more vagueness.
obama is cryptic.