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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Berg V. Obama

In my post "You Have a Right to Know" I directed you to the Obama Crimes website . This weekend the same website posted an update and includes a must see video. I could have embedded it here but after watching the video there may be more on the website you'll want to read.

Every American who holds our constitution dear should watch this video.


mjm said...

As always, very interesting.

Just a FYI- The group that makes all these videos have a Chinese character above their name is the word "zhen" which actually pronounced like "jen". However, it is the word "truth".


marmee said...

i had read about this but it was good to see the video.

Meems said...

mjm: I noticed that letter and of course had no idea what it was... very interesting... glad you could enlighten us.

Marmee: I'm glad for the video since it makes it simple to understand... it will be very interesting to see how this rolls out.

Nathan Talbot said...

It just seems so crazy. If he is a natural born citizen why didn't he just produce the documents? If he is not, does he think he can just beat the system and not ever have to prove his citizenship? Why on earth, since this is a requirement within the Constitution, is every protential POTUS not required to provide this documentation up front?

It still begs the question what does he have to gain by fighting this in court and not providing the documents if he is a natural born citizen?

Lastly, why isn't the press demanding nightly that he come forward and provide this? I can't imagine them not doing so if it was McCain in this situation.