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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothing New Today

What is going on right now with the financial crisis makes Enron look like small peanuts. Yet all of America was aghast at big corporate bosses who made out with big money and the failed stock which lost innocent folk's retirement. (Not saying that wasn't wrong.) That was corporate America. What is going on now is government gone very badly. Where is the outrage at those responsible?

Why isn't anyone holding Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to the fire for their obvious lack of scrutiny and insight (not to mention their shady involvement) into what happened with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Shouldn't there be a call for some hearings where they are under oath answering some seriously hard questions?

Instead Barney Frank is all over the news this week with the liberal media talking heads acting as if we don't have videos and recorded voice of him telling us that there wasn't a problem with those institutions.

Don't you know that if there was even the slightest chance they could hang this on the Republicans they would have already called for hearings? Instead they are trying to ram this bad "fix" down our throats in a hurry up vote before Monday.

The following is an excerpt from Gary Bauer's End of Day Report. Click on the link for a great re-cap and timeline of some of the messy politics involved in this slice of the economic crisis (scandal).

"Big Media continues to ignore the role of liberal Democrat policies in causing this mess – from overspending to pressuring banks to give loans to segments of the population that couldn't repay them. They protected the scandalous activity at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that went on for years and voted down every effort by the GOP to clean up that mess. (Here's a great explanation of their culpability in today's New York Post.)"

My ear was close to the reports today to hear what our senators and congressmen were going to come up with in the way of a "rescue". I sent e-mails to my senators and congressman to let them know I am not for a bail out as it was crafted originally. I am however for a "work out". A plan that would not entail the government handing out more money (adding to our national debt) to failed institutions so the cycle could start all over again while hard working tax payers continue to pay for it. What about suspending some of the business taxes... like capital gains taxes? Is this a good time to make a plug for flat tax? Again, I don't have the answers but I know there are some smart people who do.

Thank God for the Republicans that today didn't allow this legislation to be pushed through as it is. I asked my senators to take their time coming up with a workable solution and then to let the people have a chance to see it before it is voted on. From what I understand there is no guarantee that what they do will still not send our country into a financial tailspin. If they don't do anything there also isn't a guarantee that all will be lost. I just don't want to see more government and less capitalistic free market working itself out.

I could barely stomach the press conference this morning with Harry Reid and Chris Dodd acting all indignant about how the sessions went yesterday... had to stop watching for disgust at the outright lies they could tell with a straight face.

As we say around our house... more prayer.


Nathan Talbot said...

Meems, you are on a role. This was a fantastic post. I completely agree with you.

Meems said...

This is such a grave situation and I almost feel guilty for going on about my life while so much seriousness is going on.

But, alas, I am on vacation and I need to try to stop thinking about it. Although the debate is likely to get me stirred up tonight.

Nathan Talbot said...

I understand what you mean. I am trying to continue in my daily life and not be consumed with it, while at the same time educating myself about it and trying to understand exactly what is going on. We have a duty as American people, as voters, as taxpayers to educate ourselves.

I also feel I have a duty to not panic, to trust God, and to continue working to build a business that will add to the economy. All the while it is a very hard balance to reach because it can all be so infuriating. I am believing that this is the shake up that is needed to get our country going back in the right direction. That peoples eyes will be opened to fundamental principles we were founded on. That they will realize that government intervention seems to always fail. If not for the government forcing the hand of the lenders and creating the behemoth that was fannie and freddie all in the name of "affordable housing" we would not be in this mess. I pray that the solution is found in the middle, and that McCain is elected, and he and Palin go on a reform rampage in Washington.

CUT SPENDING, CUT ENTITLEMENTS, CUT REGULATION ON SMALL BUSINESS, CUT TAXES, REPEAL THE CAPITAL GAINS TAX, PASS AN ALL OF THE ABOVE ENERGY BILL and watch our economy BOOM. When the American people are left free to perform, innovate, work and succeed we shine. I am sorry that some people get left behind in that equation, but is their choice. Our founding fathers penned inalienable rights into our Constitution, included is the PURSUIT of happiness, not the guarantee of success. It is up to each individual to labor and create their own future. It is not the government's job to give handouts.

This whole mess was not a failure of capitalism as the mainstream press(left wing cronies that they are) would have us believe. It was government mandated rules upon lenders, and then the power grab that ensued there after. Government and greedy politicians created this problem and now they want us to believe they are the ones to fix it.

mjm said...

I really don't have too much to add, but then again my Sudafed-coated brain doesn't quite understand this. I blame the drugs! :)

However, here are a few thoughts...This didn't happen overnight. This can't be fixed overnight. There is no one person to blame. I am sure the answer isn't easy. I do wish that everyone begin to play nice in the sandbox. (Wait...it's politics and I don't think that is even possible.) Stop pointing fingers. Stop throwing sand. Stop blaming everyone and anyone.

Yes, there are people/organizations/whatever who are responsible, and yes, they should be held accountable. However, no amount of blaming, finger pointing, or denial is going to help at this point anyway...and it's getting a tad annoying in my opinion.

That's my two cents, but then again, it's time to take some more medicine and call it a day! :)

Meems said...

nt: well said on all points. I appreciate your ability to decipher the issues. We are trying not to be consumed with it as well and not to panic. It would be disastrous if everyone pulled their money out of the sound (hopefully)institutions out of fear. Sadly there is such a mistrust overall for Washington it's hard to believe anything they say- knowing they are in it for themselves-- just look at the track record.

mjm: I'm going to cash in on your two cents here. Thanks for adding them. While I think the finger pointing doesn't solve anything I strongly think there should be investigations into the misdealings of those responsible for the collapse of Fannie and Freddie. No, this didn't happen overnight and won't be solved overnight but it needs NEVER to happen in a capitalist run government.

The sand box is overcrowded and someone needs to go home so the rest can play nice. :-)

Yes, it's all annoying but still accountability must prevail.

marmee said...

yes meems you are on a roll. and i love it. maybe you should get involved even more and run for office of some kind. my son in law (ec)is also obsessed these days and can not stop talking about it. i think your passion and his passion is just what this country needs. you are articulate and can get down to the point easily.
i think people are loving palin because she is relatable and you would be too.

i am serious about this.

maybe this is the job you are looking for.

Meems said...

marmee: am I looking for a job?
:-) I wish I had the guts Sarah Palin has... she is so tough! No, I don't have what it takes. I get on this bandwagon every election year and then my interest wanes. But thanks for the vote. Ha.

marmee said...

yes job, i heard work was looking for you! lol
i think you are wrong(and i don't get to say that often.) you do have what it takes.