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Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberals: Always More Generous With Other People's Money

The following is an excerpt from Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families, end of day report.

Senator Joe Biden recently raised a few eyebrows for suggesting that as a faithful Catholic he believes life begins at conception, but he votes pro-abortion because he doesn’t want to tell people to follow his religious views. Biden is once again mixing faith and politics, and this time it’s about taxes.

Senator Biden suggested last week that we have a “patriotic duty” to pay higher taxes, but he backed up that view with his Catholic faith, saying, “Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most.” Where are the alarmist press releases from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State? Where is the ACLU? Wait a minute – Biden was using faith to push a leftwing tax-and-spend agenda. That’s okay. Nothing to see here – move along.

When it comes to defending the lives of the most vulnerable among us, Senator Biden does not want you to abide by religious teaching. But when it comes to your money, he’s ready to preach a sermon on the Gospel of Social Justice.
But even here, Senator Biden does not practice what he preaches. According to an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal, “…Mr. Biden and his wife recently released their tax returns, and they reported an average of $380, or 0.2% of their income, in annual charitable contributions over a 10-year period.” Liberals are always more generous with other people’s money.


Pat said...

Wow Meems......SIZZLE :) !!!
Good word though,

Arissa Mae said...

Not only are they most generous with other people's money when it comes to taxes but also when it comes to sub prime interest rates and bad loans! Giving loans to people who can't possibly pay them back is just BAD BUSINESS all the way around. But try telling that to Barack Obama and Barney Frank! GRRR!

marmee said...

some like it hot!
great post.
always seems like democrats have double standards, i don't know how they keep up with the tangled webs they weave.
it must be very confusing every morning deciding what side of the bed to get up on.(lots of wasted time.)

Meems said...

hey... I'm just quoting what I wish I could have said!

arissa mae: not only is it bad business ... it's just plain cruel. And now it's cruel that hard working people who DO pay taxes have to bail them out.

marmee: absolutely... very tangled web.

Biden's not doing such a great job out on the trail keeping up with what he is "suppose" to be saying... more gaffs today... Obama says yes, to coal...
Biden says NO to coal...
I say " Just keep talking, Biden, you guys dig your own hole!"