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Monday, February 4, 2008

Riddle Me This...(Valentine's Day)

Do men actually enjoy Valentine's Day? Or is it a day marketed by companies who sell flowers, candy, jewelry, lingerie, and greeting cards, a day created solely for women, a day filled with extra pressure to perform and the expectation for you to do some kind of perfectly-romantic gesture for your loved one?


Bryan L said...

Since my wife and I switch off every year in who is responsible for planning Valentines for the other I do enjoy it. The only thing that I'm not so big on is the fact that my wife is so much more creative than I when it comes to planning how to celebrate Valentines and she sets the bar really high for me. Lots of pressure to live up to but it keeps Valentines day interesting and from being the same old thing every year.


M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

okay first of all, I want to say I LOVE Bryan's comment. What a terrific idea!
As for me and my hubby...we actually just had a long talk about this. And it's a good thing too. Every year Valentines day rolls around I get my heart broken. Instead of feeling special and loved...I feel neglected and unloved. I explained to him that to me, Valentines is a day you show the people you love HOW MUCH you love them...but to not even acknowledge the day (as he usually does) is like a slap in the face and an "I don't really love you". He was shocked to find out that it means that much to me. He said he's always thought it was absolutely No Big Deal and that it was really for people who are dating to ask someone out or propose or something.
Huh! Imagine that....10 years of marriage and never had that conversation.
I don't know why I take V-day so seriously...I know as a child in elementary school...it seemed like EVERYONE got flowers or candy or baloons sent to school...EXCEPT me. That's always stuck in my memory.
Okay, this is getting long. Good question. I think I might ask this on my blog too!

Nathan Talbot said...

I kind of like Bryan's idea. That is a pretty good way to keep things interesting and take the yearly pressure off the man.

Sam, gotta ask have you been going out of your way to make a big deal for your hubby on V-day? If you have and he still didn't get the hint it is a good thing you finally had the convo. If you weren't doing anything either I kind of have to defend the guy.

My take is it is a made up holiday where we are pressured to do certain things. I don't like that. I do it because I want my spouse to "feel special" and "loved", but I much prefer doing things on random dates. I love surprising her with flowers when she least expects it. I regularly prepare dinners for us. Just this past weekend I did grilled salmon, asparagus, and wild rice with italian bread and brought home her favorite ice cream for desert.

It seems like it means a lot more when I am not told to do it and I just do it out of love.