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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rights and Responsibilities

I've been investigating Huckabee's views and political plan. This video is worth a listen. For more information and interesting research go to http://www.mikehuckabee.com/


Nathan Talbot said...

Thanks for the vid. The more I see of Huck the more I like him. Couple things on his voting record I am examining, but truth be known they all have flaws there. I am starting to believe he is the candidate with the most integrity and character and boy do we need a heavy dose of that.

I loved his explanation of seperation of church and state. I have argued it the same way many times. I can still remember getting into these debates with professors (predominately liberal) in college. They just can't stomach it. The supposed free thinking left is so close minded to honest dialogue it astounds me. Like he said you don't have to dig very deep to see what the intentions of our founding fathers were.

I mean they came here to establish a place they could worship freely. Their speeches and writings are riddled with Biblical principles, calls to pray, and admonishments to never not have God first in our country. How do people go from that to believing that faith, God(our CHRISTIAN God to be specific), and the Bible should be completely removed from government. It just astounds me.

I am liking Huck more and more. He is very sharp, quick witted. He is an excellent speaker and he is gaining momentum big time without much money to back him. Paul has almost ten million bucks and he is getting no where. Romney is spending like crazy and not gaining any traction. The only real surge in the stagnant rep. race has been Huckabee and it is a grassroots movement. I think people are longing for a candidate they can believe actually has some substance and convictions.

meems said...

NT: I'm with you on his separation of church and state - simple explanation. The more I hear him the more I like his clear, concise, sincere answers. He speaks very well and yet feels genuine. It's still early so I am still watching and praying. But he is my frontrunner choice for the time being.

Jane said...

Thanks Meems! I've heard the name, but honestly haven't paid much attention at this point. There are still a lot of names being tossed out there. I checked out his website and was pretty impressed with what I read. I also did a little more research online and again was impressed. So far he definitely looks like the best option, but I agree, we all need to keep praying or get started.