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Friday, December 21, 2007

Nathan Talbot was TAGGED!

Thanks to our regular guest blogger for responding to my tag...

7 little-known things about NT:

1.) I own almost every John Wayne western (all of the big motion pictures and a lot of the old B movies)
2.) I don’t like anything pumpkin including pumpkin pie
3.) My favorite job I ever had was breaking/training horses
4.) I don’t like talking on the phone in front of other people.
5.) I constantly battle procrastination.
6.) I am not awe struck by famous people of any kind. I only have one hero, my dad.
7.) I secretly wish I was a Navy Seal, without all the time away from my family.

PS: I, Nathan Talbot, do hereby tag Meems as the next blogger who must list 7 little-known things about herself.


Pascalian Awakenings said...

This is interesting. You are definitely an action person. Do you know your psychological type? ISTP?


Meems said...

NT: good sport you are! But RATS -you tagged me. i'm so NO GOOD at this game. how about a game of checkers instead?

i like your list. interesting... you and MLM could be secret somethings together if only all the conditions were right. :-)

btw, your tag P.S. sounds so legally binding - that alone almost makes me think I have to do this. LOL

mlm said...

There were 3 on the list I didn't know at all, 1 was iffy, and the other 2 I already knew. Alas, I should make you do it again, just kidding. Thanks for playing, and I'm really looking forward to reading Meems' list!

Nathan Talbot said...


I am not sure. I guess I will have to take the quiz.

Meems, it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Of course I had to get over the fact that I thought everyone would already know what I was writing.

MLM, curious which you didn't know??

mlm said...

I didn't know 2, 4, and 5.

6 was iffy.

I knew 1 and 7.

Nathan Talbot said...


I took your test. I am "ESTJ an overseer" according to that profile.

ESTJs are responsible, logical, norm-following hard workers. Their efforts are carried out in a practical, structured manner. ESTJs trust facts and experiences more than theories. They are decisive, loyal, tradition observing individuals. They enjoy being the person in charge and often make good supervisors

Meems said...

i agree with your test profile... pretty exact!

Jane said...

meems- Knowing that I am putting myself at risk, I think you should just play along!

Meems said...

jane: you are SO correct about your first statement... lol

pilgrim said...

Hi NT, I am a little late responding, being the season it is! Also, we share #5 trait, so you can't be to blame for your inheritance.
#1. I knew this, since I contributed a lot to your collection ;-)
#2. Whaazzup! You love Charlie Brown, don't you?
#3. You should really get back to your most favorite anything, cause life is too short.
#4. Good. I hope you don't walk around with one of those blue tooths on your ear either.
#5. Covered that.
#6. How many of the famous & near famous have you met/been acquainted with?
#7. Whew! this was a surprise. I always thought of you as a landlubber, being you like the woods & hunting, etc.
#8. Oh, that's right, you only had seven secrets. But, I will add one of my own - you are somebody's favorite grandson!

Nathan Talbot said...


Thanks for all the contributions to my "Duke" library. I was actually just going through my collection a couple weeks ago and of course thought of you.

I would love to get back into training horses someday, but just for fun and on my own place.

Walking around with a bluetooth in the ear is one of my pet peeves.

As for famous people, my interaction with them has been mostly limited to athletes and politicians. I can't say I have ever met a movie star or famous singer. I have had the occasion to be around/meet quite a few pro athletes. I admire them for their talent but no more than someone who is talented in another area. It just seems so many people are smitten by anyone who is "famous" or has been on TV. It kind of baffles me.

SEALs spend a lot of time on land. Even so I love being on the water.