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Friday, November 9, 2007

Your Turn

This post will be short because I slammed my finger in my van door two days ago and it still hurts.

This post will be my me, MLM, because Scott has officially retired from Walk Wisely. He asked me to relay the news and state that he has enjoyed the blog but doesn't have time to do any more than read. (And hopefully comment!!!)

Post: If you could petition God to rewrite or add ONE thing in the Bible, what question would you like Him most to answer, or what doctrine would you like Him most to clarify?


Bryan L said...

Clarity makes things boring. Then there'd be nothing to debate or argue over.

Soteriology would be one thing I'd like to see God settle for us that way all these books on justification could be put to an end.

Bryan L

Meems said...

hmmm... I always hesitate to let myself think about these kinds of things. I guess because I feel so certain that God didn't leave anything out of the Bible so I'm sure everything I need is in there. But I'll try to look past my usual thinking and chime in.

i'm not sure if this is what you mean but I think I would like to have more clear-cut information of what it is like in heaven. i love reading the scriptures that describe heaven but as far as what it is like for us once we get there ... for eternity... I 'wish' to know more.

MLM said...

Bryan! You and your big words. :o) What does "soteriology" mean?

Clarity makes things boring? Oh, contrare! For me, clarity makes things brilliant. I CRAVE clarity.

Meems: Good one. Actually part of a thought I had. There are many on my list (of course), but I'd probably go with "What EXACTLY happens when we die?" :o)

Bryan L said...

Hah! Me and big words! I'm terrible at word usage.

Soteriology is the theology of salvation. It has to do with all those things related to how we are saved, such as justification by faith and grace and all that good stuff. Since that is the subject that seems to divide the most and cause the most conflict in the church it'd be nice to have God settle that for us so we could move on and stop fighting over those things.

As far as clarity goes, if everything were clear then there would be nothing to debate or discuss anymore. Most of my library would be pretty worthless!

Bryan L

meems said...

Bryan L: i too had to look up your ‘big word’ when i first read your comment. goes to show what i know. i'm beginning to think there is an 'ology (either that or an ism)for everything. Hmmm.

something you stated causes me pause: "As far as clarity goes, if everything were clear then there would be nothing to debate or discuss anymore. Most of my library would be pretty worthless!"

I could very well have misunderstood your intent so I ask…
would you mind giving (not to overuse the word) clarity as to what that means?

I’m wondering because it seems to me Paul's teaching- which as you know is most of the new testament- leaned more toward admonishing us to "preach the gospel in love, from a pure heart and sincere faith" and then further to avoid vain arguments, discussions and purposeless talk.

I guess I give away my definition of debate & arguments over scriptures and doctrines with my understanding of what Paul meant by his teaching. :-)

Bryan L said...

I'm just trying to be funny Meems. Don't pay attention to me. : )