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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When You Don't Like Yourself

Ever been around someone who just doesn't know how to like themselves?

Perfectly normal looking people we walk around with day in and day out have this problem. Intelligent people. Creative people. Even workaholics and successful people. Lazy people, too. It shows up in all kinds.

You might not know it until you have a relationship of some sort with one of them. But you can be sure this issue always comes to the forefront if you hang around long enough.

No matter how much love they get it doesn't seem to be enough. They always need more. And the love you give them is never in the right doses or the right methods or ways. These are the kind of people who are never satisfied. Oh, they often like to pawn that general dis-satisfaction off on their thirst for life, or desire for more intellectual stimulation, or their need for creativity... but so often it is simply a problem with not being satisfied with themselves. You know, deep down... where only they (and God) know what's really going on.

Those folks who don't like themselves rarely admit it. But they are always looking at others to blame their problems on.

It's easy to blame others for just about any and all of our problems. But when we take responsibility and look in the mirror there is always something more we can do in any situation to make it better. Check it out. See if it isn't true the next time you have the thought you've done all you can. Chances are if you still know how to be honest with yourself... yep ... there's more you can do. It might hurt your flesh ... but there's more you can do.


marmee said...

interesting post...it is close to my heart...having dealt with it for a majority of my life. self loathing is debilitating and misery loves company. only through the cross of Jesus can anyone truly be set free...once you are you never want to go back. never.

Meems said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a personal thing. I didn't really expect any comments on this one. Maybe you'd like to share a little bit of the HOW? you were set free or some random tips... no pressure though. It just occured to me as I read your thoughtful response.