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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Garden Work

Let me start this off by saying I am not a big fan of yard work. However, I do love having an attractive yard, and my wife absolutely loves to garden and does an amazing job of making our yard beautiful. She has immersed herself in gardening books, magazines, and garden web sites since we bought our house. This winter was particular hard on our garden as we had a lot of hard freezes, many coming in consecutive nights. It was a very cold winter here in N. Fl. (where are you Al Gore).

That being said my wife had plans of expanding her garden beds and having a larger "canvas" to work with this spring. While I don't like working in the yard I do love making my wife happy, and I promised to help get the spring started right. Here is the rest of the story with pictures and commentary.

Day 1 was mostly all E working on laying out her expansions and digging up grass.I joined in on Saturday.

My job on Day 1 was to drive out west of town to a dirt and sand supplier and pick up a yard of soil. Here in N. Fl our ground is mostly clay, which becomes very packed and hard, and makes it very difficult to dig and plant in. So the process of expanding beds takes a lot more work and muscle. Our plan was to amend the soil to make things easier in the future.

All of that dirt/grass piled up had to be hauled off. The beds then had to be turned over (read dug deeper and churned up). The beds had to be filled with the black dirt and that mixed in with the clay. We worked on this most of the day on Saturday. Then we called in reinforcements.

This made the mixing and amending easier and allowed the goal of breaking up of all the clay to be attainable, but it was no easy feat even with the tiller. Here is the final of the beds after being amended and ready for planting. Updates to come once some of the plants go in. As I type my wife is doing the "fun" part and working on that very thing.


Meems said...

Oh. My. Aching. Back.
LOVE, LOVE the curvy-ness of your amended beds and walkway. That E knows her stuff coming up with the design and the plans for planting. And smart girl to enlist your 'dig deeper' arms and back.

Wasn't it a whole lot easier doing this when it's cool rather than waiting for the heat?

Seriouly... It TRULY is all about the soil. In the garden and in life!

You might want to go ahead and add some blood meal and blood bone to that wonderfully tilled clay and soil. Let that simmer for a bit before planting and you will have some yummy rich soil as the foundation for what gets to live in your beautiful garden.

Can't wait to see the progress... so fun.

marmee said...

how nice things are looking over there in north fl. we know about the clay here in tn. it is very difficult to culivate. happy planting you and e.

NT said...

Thanks Marmee. E does all the planting. I just supervise and help when she needs a "mule". haha

She has been at it each evening since we finished the expansion. I will throw some update pics up soon.

Meems, yes E does know her stuff when it comes to design. She can picture it before it ever takes place as most great designers can. A gift I do not posess.