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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trying and Uncertain Times

The inauguration of Barrack Obama is this week. There are many upsetting trends already taking place within his administration. From his suspect cabinet appointments, to his proposed massive spending veiled under the guise of it being a “stimulus package”. These are very concerning hints into what will be a Barrack Hussein (I guess we are allowed to say it now since he is using it in his own inauguration) Obama administration. The course of our nation at this very important time is unsettling to say the least.

One thing in particular that is very troublesome is his stance on terrorism and terrorist. He seems to think talking and negotiations are the right course of action. He seems to think closing GITMO, and affording wartime combatants the same Constitutional rights as American citizens is the proper course of action. It seems that Barrack does not quite understand that these people have an ideology rooted in the basic foundational belief that all people Christian and Jew must bow down to Allah or DIE. This is a non-negotiable ideology rooted in a firm religious belief. We see it playing out in the Hamas Israeli conflict. The terrorist have no problem putting their missile sites near schools and in neighborhoods of their own people. There cowardly leaders meet in the cover of night in hospitals knowing the Israelis cannot attack them there. After lobbing thousands of missiles into Israel, a sovereign democratic nation, when Israel finally retaliates and unfortunately civilians die because of the aforementioned tactics of the terrorists the world blames Israel. Our future leader thinks we should just have a nice little sit down with Hamas. Maybe he isn’t seeing that their fervor for killing Jews is so great that they willing sacrifice their own women and children as acceptable martyrs in the cause of Jihad.

I am very concerned with the foreign policy of this new president. I believe that America is going to be considerably weaker. Barrack made a huge statement by appointing Director of the CIA, a man with no intelligence experience who has openly stated that no discomfort should be brought on any person, combatant, known terrorist or not that is being interrogated by our intelligence services. While that is something that we would all like to be the case, it simply is not real life. My concern for our country is mounting; however I think we need to be vigilant but not afraid.

I will not fear the times we live in. I will not fear the economy. Our time here is but a vapor. We will be seated on high with the one true King of the Universe. Our destiny is secured and place being prepared. I want to enjoy this life, and I want my future children to enjoy the freedoms we have enjoyed and be able to worship freely and prosper in this land of divine providence, and because of that I will fight for those rights and voice my opinions about them, but I won’t live in fear. Our forefathers didn’t stand up to the tyranny of Great Britain for us to live in fear. We still have the means and the ability to change the course of this country and while that is still available I will hold out optimistic hope in this great nation. I believe a time is coming when America will once again shine as the shining city on the hill. When backs are pushed against the wall and nations have to rise up to evil and tyranny, they will look to us, and we will answer.

I am not happy about the direction we are headed right now, and I have concerns that we are bankrupting ourselves which will essentially cripple us, that we are weakening ourselves with silly talk about talking diplomatically with terrorists, but I don’t think we are there yet. I still believe this country is center-right. I still believe that conservative ideals and principles will thrive in this country and return us to the right course. This congress and president are going to make things difficult. They are going to do damage, there is no doubt, but I will continue to pray and believe that out of this storm we will become a greater stronger nation. The times of Carter were bleak and dark and out of it arose one of our greatest presidents in this nation’s history, a president that set us on a great course, strengthened our nation and gave us all optimistic hope in what we were capable of achieving. A president who overcame an economic crisis of double digit inflation, double digit unemployment and interest rates in the teens. He did it with sound conservative principles, and our economy thrived. Most importantly he defeated evil all over the globe without firing a shot. We CAN do it again.


Meems said...

N.T. Great Post! I just sent a note to one of my Senators stating my desire to stop bail outs (I've done this before, too) and all stimulus packages as the tax burden is already overwhelming enough. Pleeeeeeez let the free market run its course.

One of the reasons Israel is in the 'fix' they are in today is because they are always falling into the pressure of "negotiating" with the terrorists and those nations that want to push them into the sea. Under the pressure of world leaders ... they give up more and more land (out of the tiny sliver they have left) in those negotiations and then due to the terrorists occupying the very land they gave them Israel ends up having to go to war to stop the terrorist acts against them. It has been an endless cycle for years. They are now fighting with the people whom they gave up the Gaza strip to a couple of years back. Why can't the rest of the world see this? Instead of running to the rescue of the innocent -- it runs to the rescue of the terrorists... everything is SOOOOOOOOOOO backwards.

Like you, I haven't heard of anything that BHO has said himself that reassures me that "he gets it." It is very difficult not to be frightened when knowing the decisions he is making is weakening our defense and making us a softer target all over the world. I especially appreciate what you said here... "I think we need to be vigilant but not afraid...I want my future children to enjoy the freedoms we have enjoyed and be able to worship freely and prosper in this land of divine providence, and because of that I will fight for those rights and voice my opinions about them, but I won’t live in fear.

Thanks so much for the reminder to take action and not just gripe about the problems. The people who understand what is right must DO what is right and hold onto our principles no matter who disagrees. Times might get worse before they get better but we should be spiritually and mentally ready for those days. I will pray for the president and those running our great nation no matter who they are or what they do. I can do that even when I don't agree with them. If every Christian would just commit to DO that one thing earnestly we could see some things turn God's way.

Okay- sorry-- I've gone on and on. This is a very tender place in my soul this week. Sadness and yet not despair!

Thanks again, Nathan Talbot.

(P.S.the word verification is messes... how ironic)

arissamae said...

Thank you for this post. I admire your brave optimism and vigilant hope. I am trying to be more like you...not quite there yet...especially after that closing paragraph in the closing benediction at the inauguration, and the mentioned plans to reach out to Muslims by visiting Indonesia...sit downs...if only it were that easy...if only when the other side reached out, it was also with peace and not with a sword.