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Friday, December 5, 2008

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?

My heart is full today. I’ve so many things bubbling up in my soul this morning. This might be the result of waiting too long in between posts. Not sure about that but I am sure God is filling my heart to overflowing. I learned a long time ago that if we are willing to open up our hearts to God just a little bit… kind of like barely opening up a door … He will always, yes always, without fail, come in through that opening. Don’t get me wrong. He will not shove the door the rest of the way open like the devil tries to do when we crack a door open for him. No, God is the ultimate in gentle, loving, kindness. He waits for us to give him more and more access. Whatever the amount of access we give Him is the amount He will fill up. When once we yield even the smallest part of our souls to Him and we allow Him entrance it is His ever tender and peaceful love that we subsequently yearn to embrace with wide open heart. Yielding is up to us. Filling is up to Him.

It is crucial if we want to keep an open heart to God that we make our lives fit around spending some time with Him. As we launch into hyper-busy season with the celebration of His Son’s birth at hand, it is so tempting to let that time with Him be the thing we lop off of our day. Every year I remind myself how bizarre that notion really is. “I’m too busy trying to prepare for the celebration of His birthday to sit down and open my Bible and spend some quality time talking to Him.”

SO, in these days of hustle and bustle I’m still doing my best to make sure I put first things first! Life certainly goes better in every way when I follow my own advice here.
I hope you let this be encouragement for you today as you determine where the Christmas decorations will be placed and set about to purchase gifts and bake cookies. Let’s all endeavor to give our first minutes to God. All the rest will fall into place so much better when we do.

What about you? Do you have tips for making sure you don't let this part of your day slide into oblivion? Would love to hear from you.


marmee said...

meems, it does take a certain determination to suspend the busyness for a time of reflection and meditate on what is important. but it is essential to remind ourselves that we celebrate Christ everyday of lives. He is our source for life and energy and love to overflow onto others. sometimes days demand our attention with busyness but our thoughts and prayers have to turn towards Him for us to remain full of peace and joy.
i just make myself take the time knowing i need it, for being able to give all day to the lives in my family and for what is not expected that always comes. i truly believe God prepares us if we just listen to his gentle voice.

marmee said...

ps i love the cranberries, poinsettias, and greenery!

pilgrim said...

this post is so humbling. especially now, when more than usual is demanding our attention. not just in the physical, but to slow down mentally and focus our attention span on the moment at hand, and not on the 'to do list'. since i am not usually an early riser, i sometimes get off track getting up and going, and think to myself that i will get some quiet time later, and some days it never comes (i don't stop for it). i like what marmee said about "we celebrate Christ every day of our lives", but it does seem very fitting that we take time to sit with the one who has given us "the reason for the season". i want to honor him firstly, and then get on with whatever else makes the holiday merry! thanks for the reminder meems!