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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Change of Pace

Taking a break from all the political rot going on these days I thought I'd post a much lighter and much more easily entreated subject today. Nature. The wonder of God's creation. I'm a gardener by hobby and consequently acutely aware of my natural surroundings. Florida is full of so many opportunities to view nature up close and personal. I'm doing my best to take advantage of every experience.

Three sandhill cranes came sauntering through my front yard this week. I was out doing some gardening in the back yard and my next door neighbor alerted me. He knows I keep my camera handy at all times (usually) and my 2.5 year old grandson was playing in the back with me, too. His mom was here as well so we all made our way quietly around to the front to see what we could see.
I'm pretty sure this was a set of parents and one almost grown baby. The pairs stay together many times for life.
Lifting their wings at each other is normal. My grandson thought they were playing tag. For some reason little boys want to chase everything that moves and all children like to touch. It's instinctive. We're teaching him to respect the habits of wildlife. We 'let animals/birds/butterflies have their space'. We don't chase or scare them when we aren't in harms way. So we stood nearby watching them "dance" and play on the front lawn.
The Florida Sandhills live here all year long and then in the winter they are joined by the breeds that migrate from the north. We have plenty of fresh water areas around here for them to hang around. They forage through rural neighborhoods for food as well.


Patricia said...

What a lovely post, Meems. We have had sandhill cranes here, as well, but it has been a while. There was actually one strolling around the parking lot at church a few months back. Lovely large birds with their red hats! =) Doesn't it just thrill you to have grandchildren to teach about Florida and nature. My almost-two-year old grandson was over late yesterday afternoon and we spent nearly an hour just walking around the pasture looking for toads and feathers and other "treasures". As we walked back toward the house, we heard cardinals and Gavin immediately turned to me and with a finger over his lips said "shhhhh". I couldn't have been more proud! =)

marmee said...

i have stepped away from the blogging world the lasts few days getting caught up on the much needed real world things. i love seeing these hugh birds, they were frequently in our yard when we lived in pasco county. i believe they still hang out in that neighbour hood. very cool to show them to i and m. i love the fact that he will be a nature lover by default coz of grandma. it is good.

Nathan Talbot said...

Good advice on nature to the little one.

"we don't chase or scare them"...we lure them in over the decoys, feet down, wings cupped and then BOOM BOOM.

Sorry I couldn't resist. One day he will be old enough to hunt with Uncle NT.

Meems said...

Uncle: I'm sure you do wish to clarify you aren't speaking of Sandhill Cranes when engaging in luring and decoying ... only absolutely legal types of wildlife.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh my!THey are amazin'!

Lovely photos, as per yore ususal, Darlin'.

Thanky fer yore visit to the BAck Porch--which ain't fer the faint of heart.

But MEems, most of all, thanky so kindly fer the link to yore own "back porch." I feel honored and will be readin' backwards to catch up on all ya shared here.

Nathan Talbot said...

Meems, Sandhills are actually legal to hunt in many states including Texas. They are considered excellent table fare. Here in Florida it is illegal to hunt them, so you would be correct. I was speaking of waterfowl. Duck season opener is right around the corner. I have ducks on the brain.

SophieMae said...

Oh, they're wonderful! They're one of the first things I look for when we're in your area. It's so cold up here and I'm SO looking for an excuse to go down thataway. Reckon Duller would find sandhill seeking plausible? 8-}

Meems said...

Patricia, I know what you mean about being proud of the grand youngins' learning so well. They are smart little fellas. Just before this crane sighting my little one was in my back yard with his own little camera (toy)taking pictures of every bird he saw. I love it when He tells me "shhhh" when one is spotted, too.

Marmee: Stepping away is a must sometimes... keeping it all in balance right? You are right about the cranes being in your old neighborhood. I drive through there sometimes on my way north and they are always hanging out by the water or the open fields... lots of them actually.

Aunty: Thanks so much for coming over to sit a spell. Glad to have you anytime.

NT: I did not know this tidbit. It kind of surprises me since they have been endangered in many places. It's weird how it doesn't bother me to think about hunting the usuals but when it is something that doesn't seem ordinary -- that kind of makes me squeamish. Not sure what that means.

Sophie: I think it's worth trying the sell... I would buy it. :-)

pilgrim said...

i wonder what it is about your garden that so invites the royal visitors you enjoy? word must get around in the bird world that your place is really special! you attract the peacocks, the hawks, the sandhill cranes, the redbirds, etc. it is a regular Audobon sighting location! must be the allure of a peaceful, safe haven where they can strut their stuff undisturbed. so glad you got to share it with the little one too! he is getting quite an education in the wonders of nature's bounty with his Meems.

ps to N.T. - thanks for your additional educational notes ;-) just wondered, what do "ducks on the brain" taste like?