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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Good Advice

Well after devising a couple schemes to try to catch the "sign snatchers", and being supported by my wife in my efforts there was a reversal of opinion last night.

My wife sat me down and said that we shouldn't do anything to or about the sign stealers. She said that as she was praying yesterday she felt impressed not to seek revenge and love our enemies, to just "turn the other cheek". That it wasn't our place to meet out punishment, and that God would take care of it. That he has blessed us beyond measure and we were wasting precious time and energy on something that was of no consequence. She said if they want to keep stealing it we will just keep replacing it.

You know what she is right, and I am going to listen to her wisdom on this and not worry about it. I still may have to replace it with a very large plywood sign that they can't take, but I will not be seeking revenge or trying to punish anyone that is taking the sign.

Thanks Honey, for praying, for listening, for sharing your advice with me.


Meems said...

You know what "they" say... "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies."

and then "they" say... He who has ears to hear, let him be listening and let him consider and understand by hearing!

Oh, the joys of marriage and how it works when it works...

pilgrim said...

it's not just happening to you or in your neck of the woods. the Tampa Tribune had an article in today's paper about Obama signs being snatched from one neighborhood (about 19 signs). the story relates "the residents discussed retaliations - caveman solutions such as taking McCain signs - or even taking a baseball bat to the (McCain)signage" - but neighbors chose to put back up homemade signs reading "you can steal our signs but not our votes", still noting their support of BHO. we can't turn to anarchy to repress vandalism. as one homeowner was quoted "this isn't Nazi Germany. let people express their opinion."

this is a very emotional, heated election. people are frantic for a "change", but divided almost evenly about who/what party can bring about the jump start this country needs. i can't even discuss this with some of my family/friends at risk of losing their dialogue. thank God we do not have an election process that is governed by the threat of loss of our lives/property if we vote a certain way. some citizens in foreign countries live under suppression for decades on end because of tyranny in their government leadership.

let cool heads prevail, use your God-given democratic privilege to register your vote on 11/4, and let the system we have relied on for over 200 years indicate the will of the majority. if we don't like the outcome, we have the next four years to work hard to rearrange the numbers.

P.S. bless you Mrs. N.T. for taking time to pray and listen! what is a sign compared to peace of mind about starting an all out war? now if they happen to start coming onto your property for more vicious retaliation - let your hubby and brown dog handle it!!

mjm said...

pilgrim- I saw that same article this morning...I actually left it in a comment on the original post. I found it very interesting. I read it online and the comments were also quite enlightening.

Arissa Mae said...

Well, at least your thieves haven't gone to shooting!!


Meems said...

MJM and Pilgrim: I liked the solution those folks came up with... You can steal my sign but you can't steal my vote.

THIS IS AMERICA!!!We should be able to place signs in our own yards without thought of someone vandalizing. I actually thought long and hard about putting mine in my yard and the McCain/Palin sticker on my car.

In the end I was determined not to be dictated to by my own fear that someone might do something evil to my property.

marmee said...

well she sounds like a wise woman.
i love that she said
"That he has blessed us beyond measure and we were wasting precious time and energy on something that was of no consequence."
i am sure this has been a huge frustration not being able to just put up and keep a simple sign saying who you are supporting. but your vote will count and the thieves have to live with the consequence of being thieves.

mjm said...

Over the weekend I was talking with some friends about McCain/Palin yard signs and car stickers. The issue of people destroying personal property was brought and I confess it had crossed my mind...ultimately it's not the reason that I don't have a yard sign or sticker. The lack of a yard and not seeing a sticker I really liked were greater reasons! ;)

Arissa Mae said...

It gets even WORSE!!!!!