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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Nothing Sacred?

When did the line become so blurred? When did it become acceptable to curse, tell dirty jokes, and talk about sex in mixed company? And I'm not talking about prime time TV...I'm talking about church people! If I have to hear the words boobs, panties, sucks, pissed, damn, etc. one more time, I just might...CUSS! (Kidding.)

Yes, our teens need to know about sex-as-God-intended (so do adults), but don't youth pastors know that even just talking about sex in mixed company erodes the boundaries of modesty? Talking first, doing second. Talking doesn't always lead to doing, but I'll be darned (is that okay to say?) if doing ever happens without talking first.

Seriously, am I a prude?

PS: This is not the much-anticipated post about sex (as a follow-up to Meems' post that mentioned politics and money). This is just a rant.


marmee said...

these unfortunately are the new norms. it is very hard to remain pure in our thinking while being lamblasted contantly.

i believe adults these days want to be so relatable (or cool) they forget there should be boundries so teens and young adults have something to aspire too.

sometimes it makes you feel like moving far away from it all. with little or no electronical devises, tv, cell phones, etc...

but such a time as this is what we are called to. to be set apart and be peculiar.

so maybe not a prude but a peculiar woman with standards that stand out.

Nathan Talbot said...

I think this ties back into Meems post on the blood. Many Christians and ministers today are so consumed with being cool and not being "weird" that they have abandoned setting themselves apart completely for the sake of "reaching sinners and young people". I think that is a mistake.

We should be different, and holding ourselves to a higher standard is just one of those differences.

dreamlady said...

Someone just might say you sound like a prude, as the words you have mentioned are like K-5 words in today's vernacular. and just what church people have you been hanging out with? are these teens? or are these ministry leaders? what youth pastor would degrade themselves to use such tacky language? is this in a classroom setting or just hanging out trying to be cool?

Someone, somewhere got way under your skin! Not that I disagree with your post, but without knowing the situation you witnessed or heard, it is not possible to judge the motives. I would say if you had the opportunity to speak up, do it right then. Make an impact on the offender with your own take on how it sounds to others. Or if you are in a position to counsel a ministry leader, don't let it slide but do it asap. We have an obligation as Christians not to be like the world, as Marmee & N.T. have noted. We also must make a difference to those we can influence when we are aware of their misses. And whatever you do, just don't start cussing!

Meems said...

...the mind of the flesh [with its carnal thoughts and purposes] is hostile to God, for it does not submit itself to God's Law; indeed it cannot.

Carnality is a nasty enemy of believers and the church as a whole.

(In general mind you - including me) We are too sloth with our thoughts, our habits, our way of life... sometimes losing our own soul to gain the whole world.

I want to please God (more than man) by living a life VERY aware that as a believer I am a "container" of the precious Holy Spirit.

If I am a prude because of it then SO BE IT. AND... if I am ... then that in itself would be a miracle a testament of God's power. Because, Lord knows, I didn't even know what a prude was before surrending my life to God.