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Monday, January 14, 2008

Riddle Me This...(Politics & Marriage)

Would you ever marry someone who held differing political beliefs?

It's been done occasionally in the "media" (think James Carville and Mary Matalin), but could this really be a peaceable situation? To me, political beliefs are almost like religious beliefs in that they are a part of a person's soul--who they are--and if truly felt, will actually define the way a person lives. I don't think I could marry someone who held opposing political views. Not even for sake of lively conversation. Could you?


Nathan Talbot said...

No I could not. For one I hold strong opinions on politics, and I believe that a major difference in this area would cause strife and devisivness in the relationship.

More imporantly though I believe that our worldview should be based upon deeper foundational beliefs. My deeper foundational beliefs are based on Biblical principles. Therefore my political and world views are shaped by these beliefs.

If my spouse was opposite me in my political beliefs I would tend to think that her foundational beliefs did not line up with mine and therefore would make our relationship very difficult to maintain.

Jane said...

I would have to agree with NT. Our political views are "normally" based on "deeper foundational beliefs" as he worded it which would also be Biblical principles for me as well.

I was talking with a friend over the weekend about Christians who tend to have not so Christian political views. It is something that neither of us understand. How can you profess to know Christ and then believe things that go so contrary to His word? Something just doesn't line up as far as I am concerned.

Those of us who are Christ-followers should have their worldview shaped by our beliefs on who God is and His word. If I have a certain belief/view, political or otherwise, then I need evaluate my view in light of Scripture.

Oh yeah, and I don't like conflict so that would also factor in! ;)

Meems said...

I would say no... not even for lively conversation. HA! There are too many of those presented in marriage without setting ourselves up with differences in political views.

For that matter I admit I have a difficult time having a close relationship with anyone whose political beliefs differ from mine on the core issues. Like you, mlm, I believe they reflect a part of the person's soul-- who they are.

Bryan L said...

Sure I could. My wife and I have different opinion about all kinds of things and I enjoy the challenge from her and the way she causes me to change my views sometimes or to rethink and reformulate them. Politics aren't like religious beliefs for me. How do your political beliefs define the way you live? My religious beliefs do but my political beliefs don't.

Bryan L