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Friday, November 16, 2007

What's in a Name?

Have you ever been called a name?
Many names quickly come to mind:

Any sound familiar?

Your name is important. But not the name your parents gave you. Not the names your friends, enemies, or family have called you. The name that is important is the name God gives you...and the name you give God.

His parents named him Abram, for a reason. Her parents named her Sarai, for a reason. His parents named called him Jacob, for a reason. But God...

God changed their names. For a reason. God said No. You are not Abram. You are Abraham. The Father of Many Nations. No. You are not Jacob. You are Israel.

God has changed your name too. What does He call you? He calls you Healed. He calls you Righteous. He calls you worthy. He calls you beautiful.

I've decided to go with what God calls me. I'll say what God says.

As much as it matters what God calls me, it also matters what I call God. Yes, He's Almighty God whether I know it, believe it, or say it. But as far as what God is TO ME, in MY LIFE, it matters what I call Him. Who do I say that He is?

I call Him holy. I call Him righteous. I call Him awesome. I call Him mighty. I call Him Healer. I call Him faithful. Holy is He and righteous He'll be. His name is awesome and mighty He is to me. His name is Healer. Faithful He is and Savior He'll be. He is so faithful to me.

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