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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just Be NICE!

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, "Just be nice."? It's a nice thought, and the people who stuck it on their car probably had good intentions. But being nice isn't as easy as "just be nice." Can you imagine Winston Churchill telling Adolph Hitler, "Just be nice."? (Isn't that what Neville Chamberlain tried?)

We tell our kids, "Just be nice," and that might work if they are young or pure enough to simply listen and obey. But to tell a person skilled in the art of hurting others to "just be nice" is rather naive and futile.

What then shall we do?

First, I think we ought to not tell people what to do. What good does it do? We are in charge of one person and one person only: the person we see in the mirror each day (and not when our spouse is standing behind us in the bathroom!). Everyone else is a slave to another master. A person is either a slave to God or a slave to the devil. Regardless, I'm nobody's master. Therefore, I'm going to leave lawbreakers to the One Lawmaker and Judge...and just stick to listening and obeying and being nice myself (a task that will keep me busy until the Lord's return).

Second, it's helpful to me to remember that hurting people hurt people. Instead of making a person's offense "all about me," I try to look beyond my personal pain from the offense and see the hurt which the offending person must be feeling in order to be so hurtful toward others. Remembering that "hurting people hurt people" helps me to forgive, to move past my own wound, and to minister to the person who tried to hurt me in the first place.

Third, the Bible clearly tells us that sinners will sin. That those who belong to darkness are slaves to sin. That a bad tree will by nature bear bad fruit. It's much easier to "just be nice" when our heart has been filled with God's Holy Spirit. So perhaps that should be our goal when people hurts us: to tell them about Jesus...so they can either meet Him for the first time or get to know Him better.

Blogger's Note: This post is talking about individual people, not nations or the responsiblity that leaders have to take action on behalf of a country in regards to lawbreakers or evil acts.


Anonymous said...


You wrote: Second, it's helpful to me to remember that hurting people hurt people. I agree with what you said, but I'd like to ask your opinion.

Why do you think so many Christians leaders are so attacking and full of bitter discourse?

I'm having to stay away from certain blogs because the horrible tone is taking its toll and I am becoming angry.

I look forward to your insight.


MLM said...

Yvette! Hey, welcome to the blog! Just wanted you to know that I'm not ignoring you. This is actually my first visit to Walk Wisely today...it's been a long day and I'm still mulling your question. It's a good one! And I'll get back to you when I formulate my thoughts. Stay tuned! :o)

Anonymous said...


Great! I was thinking as I was driving home. I have another question that I think you would have insight into: When do you think our voice switches from prophetic to simply bitter? Where would you see the line? I know this might be mere speculation.


MLM said...


I'm not sure what your second question meant exactly, but you used a word that actually came to my mind when trying to answer your first question: "bitter." It seems to me that many people (including Christians and Christian leaders) who are angry and prone to attacking others are in fact bitter...about something, or a lot of things, or just life in general.

Of course, I stand by my belief (and biblical advice) that we can't judge a person's heart or motives. We're told NOT to judge another person's slave. So we're left only to judge the fruit of a person's "tree" if you will, or their message. But we must be careful to not slip into God's role as the One Lawgiver and Judge. That said, I don't presume to know the exact answer to your question. And in fact the answer might be different depending on which "Christian leader" you are talking about.

I, too, have decided to stay away from certain blogs. In fact, I've recently decided to avoid Burk's just because it always "brings me down" if that makes sense. Time is too precious.

Generally speaking, people tend to "be down on whatever they're not up on." It's a natural tendency to attack something we don't understand or don't possess in our own life.

Generally speaking, when people are offended, a root of bitterness can take hold in their heart, which eventually can play out in angry attacks and bitter discourse.

Generally speaking, I think Christian leaders sometimes get burned out, so to speak, and weary of doing good (without seeing their desired results) that it creates bitterness within them...and what is within a man's heart will find its way to his lips.

Generally speaking, I think the devil's influence has a part to play since where there is strife and confusion, there is every *evil* work. Satan sows discord among the brethren, and woe to those of us who do the same since that act is listed as one of seven that the Lord detests.

I'm sure there are more reasons, (and I'd like to hear from other readers), but my son has arisen so I'd better go. :o)

If you want to clarify your second question, I'd be happy to try to give you my opinion. On the surface, I'd say that even the "prophetic" is not in God's perfect plan if it's not spoken in love.

What are your thoughts about all I've said?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. You are very insightful. I agree with your "spoken in love" aspect, and I think that is the balance. Grace and peace.