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Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's Keeping You From Jesus?

We all have things we don't like about ourselves.

We're too fat or too skinny. Too short. Too tall. Too hairy, too bald. Too young, too old. Too light, too dark. And that's just what we see when we look in the mirror.

Then there's all the internal things we don't like about ourselves. Too shy. Too critical. Too rash. Too dull. Too emotional. Too scared. Too hyper. Too slow. Too worried.

We can even take issue with status issues: too uneducated, too poor, too inexperienced, too busy, too jaded...

We all have things we don't like about ourselves--certain "liabilities" if you will. Things that hold us back in life, and hold us back from being who we were created to be. In fact, these things hold us back from Jesus, which is the one destiny we desperately need to reach.

What "too" is keeping YOU from Jesus?

Zaccheus was too short. He was rich, very rich, but not rich enough to ensure front-row seats the day Jesus came to town. Zaccheus' immense wealth couldn't get him through the crowd that stood between him and Jesus.

Many times, we try to use our "wealth" as a means to get where we need to be. In other words, we try to maximize whatever we're good at, thinking that our talents and strengths will be enough to make us successful in life. Yet there's only one thing that will make us successful in life and only one place we need to be. Meeting and Knowing Jesus. And all too often, regardless of the wealth we depend on, it's our poverty that prevents us from reaching Jesus.

We look at all our deficiencies and weaknesses--the areas where we're either "too much" or "not enough"--and we allow our lack to stop us from seeking the Lord.

Don't let what's "not right" about you keep you from seeing the One who makes all things right. Today is your day of salvation. Jesus wants to visit with you and to restore all that has been lost. So don't worry about how you look as you make your way to Jesus. Would that we were all silly and brave and desperate enough to climb a tree.


Scott said...

Excellent stuff MLM. Thank you for the great words of wisdom. In our weakness is His strength made perfect. Paul instructed us to glory in our weakness so that the power of Christ may rest upon us. Our pride often keeps us looking at ourselves instead of looking unto Jesus.

meems said...

This description of "what's not right about you" reminds me of the years when I had strayed far away from God.

When my world was falling apart and I felt like I had nowhere to turn --in the deepest part of my heart-- I knew God was the answer.

But instead of running for my life to Him, for many years I reasoned how I was not good enough. I was too bad, smoked too much, too rebellious, too rude, too selfish and on and on.

HIS faithfulness never gave up on me. The day i did go running back to Him somehow He let me know none of those "liabilities" mattered any more. His love was so cleansing, so healing --it was as if He picked me up and dusted me off ever so tenderly. Then one by one all the things that kept me from God were fading away because His love was making me a new person.

He is still doing the same thing today. today is still my day of salvation.