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Monday, September 24, 2007

Grace Provides

The goal of The Law and of Grace is the same: That you be righteous, which means "in right-standing with God." But there is also a big difference between The Law and Grace. What The Law demands, Grace provides.

You're not a "sinner" because you've sinned. No, you sin because you're a sinner. The truth is, you're a sinner because through one man's trespass (Adam in the Garden of Eden), sin entered the world.

Likewise, you are not "righteous" because you do righteous things. No, you do right things because you are righteous. The truth is, you're righteous because through one man's obedience (Jesus Christ!) you have been made the righteousness of God.

Now THAT'S something to shout about!


miss priss said...

woo-hoo! that's my shout for the good words this morning. thanks for the reminder.

i didn't do anything to earn my salvation - i can't do anything to earn my righteousness or any other provision from God for that matter.

MLM said...

Miss Priss:

Welcome to the blog! I was wondering if you'd ever wander over from Couples Connect. So glad you did! :o)

meems said...

mlm: Well done. I have been reading in the book of Romans for several weeks now and I keep coming back to chapters 3 & 4. I always think the 'world' would come running to Jesus if the church would first!

We come to him initially to receive eternal life -- only by His Grace -- and then for some reason we get overburdened trying to keep all the rules. When if we would continue in His Grace and realize we've been MADE righteous already we might just DESIRE to do the right things and the struggle disappears!